10 Clothes to Sew for Less than $1

If you ever doubt whether sewing can save you money or be inexpensive, come check out all these ideas that I’ve made for less than one dollar!

10 Clothes to Sew for Kids for Less than $1 | Sew Thrifty Pwww.sewthrifty.org}

  1. Raglan Tees (boys or girls)

Upcycled Lime Raglan and Baggies {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Upcycled Chipmunk Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

2. Baby onesies


3. Tank tops (here and here)


4. Wedding Outfits (boys and girls)

Thrifty Handmade Wedding Flower Girl Dress {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org} rustic, vintage, elegant, lace

Thrifty Handmade Wedding, a refashion by Sew Thrifty

5. Boy’s shorts

Upcycled Boy's Baggy Shorts {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

6. Baby (or girl) headband

Upcycled Turban Headband {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

7. Baby shoes

Upcycled Baby Shoes {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

8. Circle Skirt (and here)

Captainess America {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org|

9. Baby Dress

Baby Lap Dress FREE Pattern 6-12 mos {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

10. Freezer Paper Stenciling

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Many of these happened to be made with upcycled fabrics. Taking an old garment and transforming it into something new really is the best way to save money. Upcycling is the easiest way for me to save on fabrics, but I have many other ways to save on patterns and supplies as well.

Have you made anything for less than $1 (or your country’s equivalent?)

5 thoughts on “10 Clothes to Sew for Less than $1”

  1. Great ideas! My best friend cleaned out her closest and brought me a trash bag full of knit tops (high quality ones) so I could upcycle for my kids. My husband found it in the garage and took it to the dump. It was hearbreaking!!

  2. I’m definitely saving this article! I love to sew for my baby and I usually use upcycled adult clothes to do it, so it’s basically free. Lately I’ve made baby shoes, a baby tee, and pjs from upcycled adult clothes. I love that you’re doing the same thing! I hope to make some upcycled swim shorts soon as well.

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