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Captainess America: The Third Baby-venger

The number of times my husband and I go to the movies is inversely related to the number of kids we have (I told you I like math).  For those non-mathematicians out there – we have three kids. We don’t go to the movies, like, ever.  But today…today…

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out!

And, we will be going to see it. In a real movie theater. With no kids. I cannot wait!!

So to celebrate, I’ve dressed up my baby:


{Siblings, assemble!}


{I’m loyal to nothing, Mom… except Milk.}


{Give me milk now, or I will not be responsible for what comes next!}

Did you catch those Captain America quotes? 😉

The headband was made with scraps of red felt, white knit, and blue knit and soft elastic. I wanted to use all felt, but didn’t want to buy anything extra and that’s what I had on hand. I simply hot glued the pieces to each other.


The skirt is a simple circle skirt using MADE’s tutorial, but instead of a circle, I just left it as a square. Red stripe knit fabric is from Hancock Fabrics.


The bodysuit was purchased pre-made (40% off at Hobby Lobby) and I reversed appliqued a white knit star to the middle.


The total look cost $4.81 and took about an hour and 15 minutes.

Have a great weekend!

The Bimaa: Spring Edition Hacks

SpringBimaa copyI LOVE the Bimaa. Love might be an understatement, actually. I tell everyone to buy it and am constantly sewing one up.

But, it’s spring (here in the US, and in Mississippi it’s practically summer already) and River needs some quick tops.  So, I thought I would play around with the Bimaa pattern. I know she’s in a 4T in that pattern, so I can cut a whole bunch without having to check fit.

I’ve already turned the Bimaa into a dress and loved the result. So, here goes for some tops.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the links noted by an *, I will receive some compensation if you purchase something.

First up: Shortened sleeves and thin neckband.

I kept the main shirt the same, including the waistband with a contrasting fabric. I shortened the sleeves by using a shirt River already had as a template. Then, I added the sleeve cuffs and a thin neckline band. I wanted to use the shawl version of the neckline, but I knew it just wouldn’t last much in this heat we get for 5 months out of the year.


I can’t believe someone GAVE me that yellow fabric, and it matches perfectly! The elephant knit is from JoAnn’s, their Doodle collection (picked it up while it was 50% off). They had monkeys and lions too; I was very tempted to get all of them, but I refrained. You know, trying to be thrifty and all. 🙂



{Look mama, I’m an elephant!}

And the breakdown:

Next up: Slight cowl neckline, shortened and hemmed sleeves.

For this version, I kept the front and back pieces and waistband the same and altered the sleeves and neckline again.  This time I made the neckline a semi-cowl by cutting a strip about 4″ wide by the length I needed to go around the neckline. Also, I hemmed the sleeves instead of using a band.

One of the things I love about the Bimaa is how it’s finished – you don’t have to hem anything! But for some reason, I wanted to hem these sleeves. Why oh why? I like the way it came out, but it made me not want to make another one with a sleeve hem. I like quick projects, and this one was quick until I had to hem, switch to a double needle, etc. I just wasn’t wanting to do that on this project. Also, since I made the neckline a bit thicker, it hangs down a little too much. If I use this neckline again, I’m going to add about an inch to the middle of the front pattern piece.

Spring Bimma Hack | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

I love this knit deer fabric; this is my second deer Bimaa made for her. The previous one was on a different colorway. Both deer color fabrics are from Girl Charlee*.

Spring Bimma Hack | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Spring Bimma Hack | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}
And the breakdown:

So, there you have it: the Bimaa for Spring!

Do you love the Bimaa as much as I do!? I’d love to see your versions, hacked, or not.


Handmade Wardrobe: Dolman for the Girl

This year I’m challenging myself to make my older daughter’s complete wardrobe. I know I’ll eventually get all her cousins’ hand-me-downs, but I’d like for those to be fillers for her mostly handmade wardrobe. So I haven’t bugged my sister-in-law for any summer clothes yet.

First up: a simple, super easy and fast dolman! I made a dolman for me when I was pregnant and loved how easy it was and how great it fit. Plus, I got a tip when Carlie’s Dolman from Everything Your Mama Made & More!* was on sale for $1 (yes, $1!) So I snagged it. This is a piece I will make in all sizes (one of my requirements for buying any pattern).


One huge reason I love the dolman style is because you don’t have to deal with sleeves! The first time I did a traditional sleeve I was a mess…..and so was the shirt. If you’re looking for a good first project this one is it!

My girl is obsessed with pink right now (and with her birthday coming up all she wants is PINK! Is this even obtainable?! Ha.) I’m always worried that she’s going to turn down the clothes I make for her if they are not pink. And I have one pink fabric…it’s a sheet from Target…and I’ve already made something for her out of it. (Don’t worry too much about my pinka-tastic girl though, I’ve recently acquired a few more pinkalicious fabrics). Anyway, this dolman is purple, a gorgeous purple tonal stripe, but purple nonetheless. (Fabric from Girl Charlee (aff link)).


She LOVED it!! And now tells me she likes purple too. (Purple for the win!!)




 I chose the hi-low hem, option and love the results. I’m sure at some point I’ll do the other options available in the pattern, but the hi-low is just so cute it’s going to be hard not to do this one every time.



 (she saw her brother’s silly face on Instagram and had to compete. It’s not only boys who make silly faces!)


Project Run & Play: Star Student Muscle Tee

When the Project Run & Play challenge for February was announced, I was just about beside myself!  The tutorial, from Living with Punks, was the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee. I LOVE muscle tees! One of the first items I started sewing for my son was a muscle tee. So, I knew I was going to create a look for my son, and tailor it to fit him perfectly.

My son LOVES to read (seriously, when he was a 1 year old he would sit still longer than most 3 year olds if someone was reading to him). He also loves school and is very smart, picking up concepts faster than I can even comprehend.  I wanted to create a look that was centered around the idea of his big Brain muscle, but also look cool. We’re pretty big nerds in our family (Doctor Who, anyone? And I may have an advanced degree in applied statistics. Oh, and my husband is a gamer and a programmer. Yea, nerds.) But nerds can look cool too, right?
Since my son is in preschool at home, school looks like the woods, the beach, the kitchen, and anywhere else where we can explore, get messy, and learn by doing.
The shirt was created to celebrate my son’s accomplishments. Preschool is about fun and play and encouraging learning of all kinds. Stars are a great way to show kids that they did a good job (plus I love a good star fabric, so it was a no-brainer).
I used a raw-edge raglan look for the shoulders and kept the sleeve edges raw as well. The star was appliqued on with an orange contrast stitching. The gray fabric was upcycled from an old men’s t-shirt. I even cut out the neckline from the men’s shirt and cut it down to fit this muscle tee. All fabrics except the gray were from Girl Charlee (aff link).
These shorts are supposed to mimic a piece of paper – stripes with thicker sections in between. I was going to place letters on the shorts, but once I got the look together, I just loved it this way – nice and simple. These shorts are made from a ponte knit with scrap ribbing for the pocket outlines. The cording is taken from the bags a Target sheet comes in {FREE!}.
And here’s the breakdown:
Muscle Tee:

Green Baggies:



(You wanna piece of me?)


(Just kidding, I’m really very sweet)

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