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Dressing my 4th for the 4th

I absolutely *love* dressing for the Fourth of July. It’s the only holiday I dress for and I tend to go all out (including painting my nails to look like American flags). Don’t ask me why I love looking like an American flag though because I’m really not that patriotic. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I love Jesus more than my country. Anyway….you’re here to check out my fun outfits, and I’m so glad you came!

Sew Americana Maternity Style | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

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DIY Maternity Tank

Well the secret is out…I’m pregnant! Baby #4 is coming this way in September and we are thrilled. We’ve always wanted a big family and so blessed by God that we’ve been able to have this many children. And since I’ve been sewing more, I feel a lot more confident to sew my own maternity wardrobe!  DIY Tank Tutorial Header 1

Today I’m sharing a simple tank and you can find out how to make your own over at DIY Maternity today! So thrilled to have the opportunity to guest blog over there. Go check it out if you’re needing some new tanks yourself (the tutorial really is great for any tank top, not just maternity!).

DIY Maternity Tank Tutorial Step 5 | Sew Thrifty for DIYMaternity.com

The tank I copied is a Liz Lange Maternity Tank from Target that I got on clearance for $3 and worn so much it’s wearing a bit thin. But I love wearing it under other shirts that aren’t quite long enough. So I paid $3 for a great tank AND a free pattern! The elephant tank cost me a little more than $10 to make.  I don’t mind that it cost more than the original shirt because the material is much nicer with more stretch and durability to it.

Maternity Tank Cost // Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

The Gumnut Dress {Pattern Review}

I remember the first time I saw the dress. It was during the February Kid’s Clothes Week on Instagram. The different fabric combinations and pockets really drew me in, and the more I perused the designer’s IG feed, the more I wanted to see.

Fast forward a few months later–I got to test the pattern to that very dress I fell in love with! The Gumnut Dress by Jess of Willow and Stitch.  Isn’t that the funnest word?…Gumnut…hehe.

Introducing the Gumnut Dress as sewn by me, Sew Thrifty:

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

{note: I was given this pattern to test. All opinions are my own.}

The pattern is amazing; easy to follow, covers a wide range of sizes (18m-8), and has photos throughout to guide you. Plus, the fabric recommendations are knit for the bodice and woven for the skirt, allowing you to mix and match some really fun combinations! Jess even has a great tutorial on how to sew knits on her blog. I fully recommend this pattern. So, go get it! 😉

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

I ended up making the whole dress with knit because when I bought these two fabrics (separately), and they conveniently arrived in my mailbox at the same time, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them – make a Gumnut Dress! But, I have plans for many more Gumnut Dresses using woven fabric for the skirt.

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

These pockets are killer! River is a rock collector. As in, she begs to go to the “park with the rocks,” and she comes home with no less than 30 rocks each time. We’re starting a rock garden next week. 😉 Now she’ll be able to haul her own rocks instead of roping me into carrying yet one..more..thing.

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

And twirling too! What little girl doesn’t love to twirl? The skirt on this pattern is a full circle skirt with a lot of twirling potential (as you can see).

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

And even though it can be a fancy dress, that doesn’t stop her from exploring, adventuring, climbing, and just being River.

Here’s the breakdown:

This dress was a bit of a splurge for me. I usually don’t use that much fabric (1.5 yards) that cost more than $3 a yard. But, this dress will be River’s birthday dress, and splurging to show my kids how much I love them is worth more than any amount of money I’ll save.

Also, the time was estimated. Since I reviewed this pattern, part of the time it took to create this dress was actually spent reviewing the pattern. I did not want to include that extra time in my time cost.

Go check out my friend Jess’ blog, Willow and Stitch, and her Etsy shop – she’s also got some amazing patterns for make-believe masks and tons of free patterns as well!

Have an amazing weekend!

Thrifty Handmade Wedding: The Mama {Plus BundleUp for Women}

This summer is my brother’s wedding! He’s been dating longer than I’ve been married, so to say I’ve been waiting for this moment is an understatement. But, since he waited 7+ years I’ve learned how to sew, and I now get to sew all our clothes for his big day. First up…ME!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the links noted by an *, I will receive some compensation if you purchase something.

The dress I’ll be wearing to my brother’s wedding:


My brother and fiance described their wedding as simple, unique, and classy. It’s going to be an evening event outside in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. You’re jealous, I know. 😉

Right away I knew I wanted to make myself a navy blue maxi dress. At first I was going to make the bodice some funky print with the skirt a solid navy, but the more I played around with fabrics the more I liked the simple (hey, just like the wedding!) look of all navy. Then, I can accessorize with different prints and colors when I want.

BluezetteDress-3Navy fabric is from Girl Charlee here.

BluezetteDress-2My bracelet and necklace here are made with selvages (free!) of knit spandex fabric from Girl Charlee.* Plus, the necklace doubles as a headband when I want a more casual look.

BluezetteDress-1Ooh, look, another colorful accessory! She’s kinda expensive though. Priceless in fact. 🙂

I was fortunate enough to be given this pattern from the Women’s BundleUp. That being said, I was able to choose my pattern, and this was the exact type of dress I wanted to make for myself for the wedding. This pattern is Love Notions Bluezette dress. There are so many options with it. Seriously, there are 30 different ways to sew it up and that’s without adding your own twists or hacks. There are two bodice styles, three different places you can wear the waist, and three sleeve lengths. And then there are five skirt styles too. Add all those plus the endless options of fabrics, and you’ve got yourself an entire wardrobe of lovely dresses!

Here’s the breakdown:


I love that I’m getting to wear a dress that cost less than $15, was handmade by me, and finished in less than 2 hours!

The time includes cutting the fabric, sewing, trying it on at several stages, adjusting, and finishing. I sewed the non-lined version, leaving out the waist elastic and left the skirt unhemmed. For the maxi skirt, I made it thinner than the pattern because I ran out of fabric, but it turned out great, and I only had to use 1 yard for the skirt part!
Go check out all the patterns in the BundleUp for Women sale. They are only available in this bundle price until May 8, so be sure to get what you want before then. Depending on how many patterns you buy, each pattern costs from $4-4.50 (50% or more off)!


And see what all the other ladies have done with the other patterns in the BundleUp package – there are 11 patterns and so many options!

Be sure to come back for the rest of my handmade wedding series, where I’ll use free patterns to create some fun and fancy looks (and as always, thrifty!):

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