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A Giraffe Dress {Kid’s Clothes Week Day 4}

And the last of all my WILD things: the giraffe.  River picked out a giraffe for her animal, and I knew I wanted to make her a dress. She actually fed a giraffe when she was 18 months old. (She also recently stuck her whole arm down a snake hole) This girl has no fear. But, back to the dress.

I’ve been slowly making her handmade wardrobe using tried-and-true (TNT) patterns. My favorite is the Bimaa sweater, but it’s a sweater. And it’s spring here in Mississippi, which means it’s really summer. So, I took the pattern and omitted the sleeves and fun neckline options. Instead, I used ribbing around the neckline and sleeves. To make it a dress, I extended the length by about 10 inches and flared it out a bit.


My favorite part was the addition of the pockets. Not 1, but 3! Am I the only one whose kid loves pockets?


Three mismatched pockets to replicate a giraffe’s spots. Just enough to mimic a giraffe, but not too much.



{You want me to stand by that tree? No, I’ll get my dress muddy!}
I guess she does have her fear limits.


{What?! Three pockets?!!! Thanks Mama!}

Here’s the breakdown:GiraffeDressTimeCost.jpg

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my creations from Kid’s Clothes Week! I’ll still be sewing these last few days, but won’t be able to show you what I’m making until later. Stay tuned!

Kids Clothes Week

kid's clothes week

Kid’s Clothes Week comes around four times a year and I try to never miss it. It’s such a fun week of inspiration, encouragement, and community-building all centered around kid’s clothes! One day I hope to be a contributor for their blog, so maybe if I show how excited I am for this week to start, they’ll pick me…please…maybe?!

What is Kid’s Clothes Week?

A week-long worldwide event where sewers and crafters commit to sew one hour a day for seven days. Recently, the organizers have come up with awesome themes (storybook, upcycling, and this season’s: WILD things) that you can grab onto or simply sew what your kids need for the upcoming season.

Check out all the inspirations here, here, here, and here. Fur, faces, feathers, and more!

Why participate?

Why not? If you sew, want to sew, or are an avid seamstress, Kid’s Clothes Week is a great time to knock out some unfinished projects, get inspired, build a sewing community, or show off your creations! Plus, when you sign up to participate you are automatically entered to win some awesome fabric and a book.

You can go here to sign up. Do it! Even if you’re not sure you’ll be able to sew every day, just join the community and be inspired. Link up your projects for a chance to be featured or peruse others’ works

Kid’s Clothes Week: Sew Thrifty

I will be posting behind-the-scenes goodness over on Instagram and you can post with #kidsclothesweek on any social media outlet. Leave a comment here if you plan to participate and let me know what you create!


See you next week with my first products of Kid’s Clothes Week!