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The Gumnut Dress {Pattern Review}

I remember the first time I saw the dress. It was during the February Kid’s Clothes Week on Instagram. The different fabric combinations and pockets really drew me in, and the more I perused the designer’s IG feed, the more I wanted to see.

Fast forward a few months later–I got to test the pattern to that very dress I fell in love with! The Gumnut Dress by Jess of Willow and Stitch.  Isn’t that the funnest word?…Gumnut…hehe.

Introducing the Gumnut Dress as sewn by me, Sew Thrifty:

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

{note: I was given this pattern to test. All opinions are my own.}

The pattern is amazing; easy to follow, covers a wide range of sizes (18m-8), and has photos throughout to guide you. Plus, the fabric recommendations are knit for the bodice and woven for the skirt, allowing you to mix and match some really fun combinations! Jess even has a great tutorial on how to sew knits on her blog. I fully recommend this pattern. So, go get it! 😉

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

I ended up making the whole dress with knit because when I bought these two fabrics (separately), and they conveniently arrived in my mailbox at the same time, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them – make a Gumnut Dress! But, I have plans for many more Gumnut Dresses using woven fabric for the skirt.

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

These pockets are killer! River is a rock collector. As in, she begs to go to the “park with the rocks,” and she comes home with no less than 30 rocks each time. We’re starting a rock garden next week. 😉 Now she’ll be able to haul her own rocks instead of roping me into carrying yet one..more..thing.

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

And twirling too! What little girl doesn’t love to twirl? The skirt on this pattern is a full circle skirt with a lot of twirling potential (as you can see).

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

And even though it can be a fancy dress, that doesn’t stop her from exploring, adventuring, climbing, and just being River.

Here’s the breakdown:

This dress was a bit of a splurge for me. I usually don’t use that much fabric (1.5 yards) that cost more than $3 a yard. But, this dress will be River’s birthday dress, and splurging to show my kids how much I love them is worth more than any amount of money I’ll save.

Also, the time was estimated. Since I reviewed this pattern, part of the time it took to create this dress was actually spent reviewing the pattern. I did not want to include that extra time in my time cost.

Go check out my friend Jess’ blog, Willow and Stitch, and her Etsy shop – she’s also got some amazing patterns for make-believe masks and tons of free patterns as well!

Have an amazing weekend!