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Handmade Wardrobe: Dolman for the Girl

This year I’m challenging myself to make my older daughter’s complete wardrobe. I know I’ll eventually get all her cousins’ hand-me-downs, but I’d like for those to be fillers for her mostly handmade wardrobe. So I haven’t bugged my sister-in-law for any summer clothes yet.

First up: a simple, super easy and fast dolman! I made a dolman for me when I was pregnant and loved how easy it was and how great it fit. Plus, I got a tip when Carlie’s Dolman from Everything Your Mama Made & More!* was on sale for $1 (yes, $1!) So I snagged it. This is a piece I will make in all sizes (one of my requirements for buying any pattern).


One huge reason I love the dolman style is because you don’t have to deal with sleeves! The first time I did a traditional sleeve I was a mess…..and so was the shirt. If you’re looking for a good first project this one is it!

My girl is obsessed with pink right now (and with her birthday coming up all she wants is PINK! Is this even obtainable?! Ha.) I’m always worried that she’s going to turn down the clothes I make for her if they are not pink. And I have one pink fabric…it’s a sheet from Target…and I’ve already made something for her out of it. (Don’t worry too much about my pinka-tastic girl though, I’ve recently acquired a few more pinkalicious fabrics). Anyway, this dolman is purple, a gorgeous purple tonal stripe, but purple nonetheless. (Fabric from Girl Charlee (aff link)).


She LOVED it!! And now tells me she likes purple too. (Purple for the win!!)




 I chose the hi-low hem, option and love the results. I’m sure at some point I’ll do the other options available in the pattern, but the hi-low is just so cute it’s going to be hard not to do this one every time.



 (she saw her brother’s silly face on Instagram and had to compete. It’s not only boys who make silly faces!)


Shopkins Pillow

Now that the big 6 year old has her birthday present, I can share what I made for her…are you ready!?


Yep, that’s a Shopkins Pillow!  Zappy Microwave! (I think…I’m learning all about these little guys from a 6 year old and her mom, so I really have no idea)


I have been convicted to not buy any plastic-y toys or clothes lately (reasoning needs to be it’s own full post), so I resorted to Etsy and my own craftiness for my niece’s birthday. I was informed that she loved Shopkins, so I had to be creative on what to make her. As I was brainstorming a shirt design, her mom made a joke about a pillow! Well, she might have been joking, but I thought that was brilliant, so it stuck. I couldn’t even think about making her a t-shirt now with an awesome microwave pillow stuck in my head. 🙂


The majority of the pillow was made from Target jersey sheets, the yellow being part of a pillowcase. The full pillow measured about 15″ wide by 9.5″ tall. Once I had the form of the pillow measured out, I appliqued on the pink and black sections. You can see in the photo above that I stitched in yellow accent stitching to make the keypad.


I was a bit nervous about painting on the “12:00.” I just don’t have a skinny brush like I should, but a toothpick came to the rescue! I just dabbed a bit in the paint and gently (slowly, carefully…) wrote out the numbers. It helped that I had marked them in chalk prior to painting. 🙂


The eyes, mouth, nose, and legs were also free-hand painted on using toothpicks and brushes.

And here’s the breakdown: