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First Annual Christmas PJs

Here’s the deal. I’ve been absent from blogging for a few months now. I have four kids and who knows how much sleep I’ve been getting. BUT, I sewed and I took pictures of it. So, that’s what you’re getting. Somewhat cute crazy pictures of my clan in their mis-matched Christmas PJs.
Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {sew.thrifty.org}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {sew.thrifty.org}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {sew.thrifty.org}
Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {sew.thrifty.org}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {sew.thrifty.org}Here’s to hoping these are the first of many annual mama-made Christmas PJs.

Merry Christmas from the Sew Thrifty crew!


Pattern: Alex and Anna PJs by Peek-a-Boo Patterns, purchased over Black Friday weekend for a discount!

Fabrics: Buffalo Plaid from Girl Charlee; green solid knit gifted from a friend, gray and black solid jersey from Target sheets.

Crafting with Kids: A Freezer Paper Tutorial

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

It’s summer time here and I love having more time to craft with my kiddos. Plus, as they age, they can do more every year. This was a craft I did with my son last year and am just now sharing it with you. (So, yea, his hair is a lot longer and he looks so young!) Perhaps we need to make a new shirt this year and let his sister join in the fun too. But, enough about that, let’s get going to a fun tutorial you can do with your kids – freezer paper graphics!

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New Summer Play Skirt!

Are you ready for summer?! Honestly, I’m really not. It gets so hot here in Mississippi and I’ll be pregnant all summer. BUT, I am excited for some fun things my family has planned. And I’m always ready for fireworks. My son (and hubby) is going on a mission trip to Mexico over the Fourth of July holiday and my daughter was feeling a bit left out, so I decided to surprise her with a new skirt just for her to show off for July 4th.  And of course, since I made it so early, she can wear it for Memorial Day too!

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Mystical and Marvelous Aprons {With a Giveaway!}

If you’ve been following the Sew Thrifty blog for a while, you now I love a good deal. But over the past year I’ve been more convicted on not just saving money and finding things as cheap as possible, but also making sure my money is going to a good cause and that what I’m buying is ethically made. While I can’t always know everything about a product, I strive to. And today, I’m so excited to share with you a new fabric line by Lewis & Irene that donates to the Act for Wildlife.  Since the fabric is Chinese-inspired, the proceeds go towards helping Giant and Red Pandas. And it just so happened we checked out a whole bunch of panda books at the library last week! Ok, enough rambling about how awesome this whole thing is and on to what I made!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

(I received 1 yard of fabric from Phat Quarters for this post. All opinions are my own.)


I’ve been meaning to make my kiddos aprons for a while. **cough cough** maybe since last Valentine’s Day. Oh well, a year later and here we are. So, once I looked at all the gorgeous options in this fabric line, I knew I was going to make aprons for my little chefs. It couldn’t have been more perfect – Carpenter LOVES dragons and River has a thing for pandas right now. I’m sure she’ll change, but hey, for now I’ll take it!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org} Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

I used Aesthetic Nest’s tutorial and pattern, which uses 1 fat quarter for the front and 1 fat quarter for the back of the apron. (I used another fat quarter I had in my stash for the back). There is one tiny pattern piece that you cut out and then use for the pocket on the front. It really couldn’t be any easier. I did have to add a few inches to the panda fabric because I didn’t think about the direction of the print when deciding to do this project. But, I love the black band on the bottom.

Also, to make this more sew thrifty style, see those neck ribbons?! Yea, I used the ribbon that ties around Target sheets. I just so happened to have a pink one and a white one. It already had velcro attached to it, so I just did some moving around, attaching one velcro piece to the apron and viola! Free ribbon to use for the top part of the apron.

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

To bring the two aprons together, I used the panda fabric as the pocket on the dragon apron and vice versa.

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

And now, let’s get cookin’!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

And you have to go check out what everyone else made with this beautiful fabric!


What’s great is that these aprons only took me 1 fat quarter each. And so now I have 1 fat quarter each to give away to YOU! Enter below for your chance to win 1 fat quarter of red dragons and 1 fat quarter of pandas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway recipient receives 1 unwashed fat quarter of Lucky Dragon on Red and 1 unwashed fat quarter of Panda Temple on Light Gray. Offer available only to U.S. residents. Giveaway ends February 14, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Radical Raglans – The Launch of Something New

This blog’s been a little sparse lately, but it’s not because I haven’t been sewing. I’ve actually been sewing more…and organizing a big photoshoot and launching a new product line in my Etsy shop! And today I get to reveal it to you all. I am SO excited!! (and my kids are too)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

I’ve been posting sneak peaks on my Etsy shop’s Instagram account and even had a sneak peak sale. But today, TODAY, the Radical Raglans are now available for purchase in my shop. So go check ’em out!  Here are my kiddos sporting their custom-requested shirts.Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)(let’s all cry like Lioness. waaaaah!)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)(just needed Daddy. All is right in my world now)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

If you love this look and don’t want to make one yourself, let me make one for ya! Use coupon code RADICAL in my shop until Sunday, January 31st for 20% off any Radical Raglan. (A little background on my shop: twelve2 is the name of the shop and it stands for Romans 12:2, which calls us to not be conformed to this world, but transform our minds to the will of God. For me, that means donating all the proceeds of every purchase to adoptive and missionary families. Currently, I’m raising money for a Nicaraguan missionary family to help them buy a used SUV and supporting several US adoptive families.)

If you’re a fellow sewist, and want to make it yourself, here are the details:

Pattern: Nap-time Creations FREE raglan pattern

Fabrics: Body is upcycled from old t-shirts, sleeves are various fabrics from Girl Charlee (aff link)

Graphic: Custom-built graphic from a friend’s text painting (but you could use any fun font) and various shapes. I used my Cricut Explore to cut iron-on vinyl and then adhered that to my shirt.


So, whatcha waiting for?! Go run and get you one…or make you one!

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (twelve2.etsy.com)

More Pink, More Stars! {Plus a HUGE Giveaway}

Well the Etsy shop has been opened and is going strong! But, I’ve still gotta clothe my kiddos…and make Christmas presents…and sew all the things my hubby has asked me to sew.  Ok, ok, one thing at a time. First – my River! She still needs quite a few long sleeve shirts for this fall/winter. Although I’m realizing the value in few options for her. I love that when we look in her drawer she has three shirts to choose from. It makes getting dressed a whole lot easier. Can you relate?

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}But, back to clothing my daughter. Today, I get to show off my new creation – the Petit Oiseau top, a pattern by Filles à Maman.
(I was given this pattern, but all opinions are my own)
Naturally I went with stars. And River has been begging for a shirt with this pink stripe fabric. I used it last to make her Gumnut Dress, and she can’t wear that much now that it’s chilly. So, she had to have something else with this pink.

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

First, let me comment on the pattern. It is so fun and simple! I told my husband it would take me an hour from start to finish, and then we could watch the Hobbit. So, I went to work and got it done! I chose the look without the flounce to keep things simple and picked a different fabric for the upper arm section. I also liked some of the looks that had a different back fabric, so there’s lots of space to play around with fabric combinations. Plus, you can make this short or long sleeve. And it’s a dolman style top, so no sleeves!

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Don’t give me that look River, you know you love the pink stripes. Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

I used a size 4, and she’s still in between 3/4T in other clothes I’ve made her. This one is a bit larger, but I like that it hangs loosely on her. I love that it’s a bit long too. I’m always making clothes longer for my entire family and this one I didn’t have to, so yay!
Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}
Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Since I only had to use a strip of the stars, this shirt cost me less than $5. The original pink stripe was $7/yard and I used about 1/2 yard. The stars totaled less than $1, making this a $3.50 shirt! Can’t get much better than that.

Now, who is ready to win this pattern and so MUCH MORE?!

Sponsors-Petit Oiseau Blog tour

Now the details on sponsors and the prizes!

Note that there will be only one winner and the winner gets a total of 21 patterns.

Jennuine designs (1 pattern of choice)- Petit à Petit Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Paisley Roots (Safron dress and All spice patterns)- Jalie (1 pattern of choice)- Sofilantjes (1 pattern of choice)- Call Ajaire (1 pattern of choice)- Knot Sew Normal (1 pattern of choice)- Momma Quail Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Duck Butt Designs (1 pattern of choice)- The Wolf and the Tree (1 pattern of choice)- Laela Jeyne Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Kelly J Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Golden Rippy (1 pattern of choice)- Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees (1 pattern of choice)- FABulous Home sewn (1 pattern of choice)- Bishy Barnababes -(1 pattern of choice) Filles à Maman (3 patterns of choice).

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There’s a Surprise at the End of this Post

The blog has been a little quiet lately. And for good reasons. First off, have you ever tried to only sew Ottobre for a month?! (phew) Combined with attacking Kid’s Clothes Week?! (double phew) And then there’s the harsh reality of life that sometimes crashes down on you…and it’s never when you’re ready or able to handle it.  I had a miscarriage last week. God has wrapped me in His loving arms and I am doing wonderfully considering the circumstances. And actually, have started looking more towards others in the past two weeks instead of solely sewing for my kiddos. (But you’ll have to read this whole post to get to that good stuff!)

Today, I get to celebrate an amazing pattern company by showing off my latest creation! The Abilene Skirt by Momma Quail Patterns.

Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

As soon as I bought this fabric (pale pink with gold polka dots!) from Hobby Lobby, I knew I wanted to make River a skirt. And the Abilene Skirt is perfect! I love the front pockets, back pockets, and nice details that make this skirt look very professional. I chose the faux fly and front pockets options. And for the rest, I kept right to the pattern. I didn’t need to lengthen or shorten at all. The skirt is going to be great this fall/winter with some leggings and perfect next spring too. The back has an elastic waistband so these will stretch a bit to last River until next summer for sure. And then Lioness will get it. It’s so fun having two girls in a row!Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

River loves her skirt. What she’s sad about is that I completely FORGOT to bring along her awesome Just Like Papa Briefcase!! And it is awesome. Pink and polka-dotty and full of great compartments for crayons, stickers, princess coloring books, and her fake pink phone that is really one of those water games that you can never win. (Not like I’ve taken over her phone in an attempt to show her how awesome terrible  mama is at that game or anything…..) So, since you don’t get to see her awesome briefcase, I’ll remind you about her brother’s:

Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

OK, now back to my girl and the surprise waiting for you at the end of this blog post. I’ve decided to re-open my Etsy shop!! Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}I know girl, I can hardly contain myself too! 

And this scarf is already listed! What I LOVE about my shop is that I don’t keep any of the money. Yes, you read that right. All proceeds go directly toward helping adoptive and missionary families. I had it opened for two years prior to Lioness being born, but took it down to focus more on her and family. Now, I’m wanting to serve others again in this little way. I’m hopeful that I can keep it open while balancing and maintaining my priorities.

Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Deer Infinity Scarf | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}So, if you’re into supporting adoptive families bring home their babies or missionaries spreading the love of Jesus, check out twelve2 on Etsy or Facebook or Instagram.

I’ll still be popping in over here at Sew Thrifty from time to time, but my heart needs to serve others right now. And sharing with my kids why I sew for others and get them to help out in the process as well.

But before you leave, be sure to check out all the other great sewists and their takes on all the lovely Momma Quail Patterns! And check out the giveaway!

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Rafflecopter giveaway:

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Pinktastic Secret Star Girl! {Ottobre October and Kid’s Clothes Week Day 1-3}

This girl is a kick and a half. She’s a gymnastic-dancing-super hero-fighting-pinktastic-princess. She loves to nurture her baby dolls (and her baby sister), but has to defend herself from her “evil” big brother. And in between she just wants to dance and wear all things pink. Plus, she’s my middle child and is so easy that she tends to get neglected. But, no more! Pinktastic Secret Star Girl gets all the attention this Kid’s Clothes Week!Pinktastic Sweatshirt and Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

The look began with this crazy pink sweatshirt (Ottobre 6/2014, Heather Sweatshirt #17). River has been begging me to make her something with this pink sweatshirt fleece knit I snagged for $2/yard last year. And I did need to make her some outwear for some of the chilly evenings we’ve been having. But it’s Mississippi, so it’s still 80 degrees during the day here. (C’mon fall, pleease!!)

Anyway, this simple sweatshirt was perfect. It was easy to whip out and I already had some coordinating white ribbing for the details. Eventually I’d like to put some sort of graphic or words on this sweatshirt to tone the pink down a bit, but for now it’s going to stay plain.Pinktastic Sweatshirt and Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Now, the pants.  These pants. Phew. If it weren’t for Kid’s Clothes Week I’m not sure I would have finished these pants. Ottobre patterns are amazing….except when you have no.clue.what.they.are.taking.about! Sigh. I’m not going to let this blog post take me longer than sewing up those pants. So, let’s get to it.

I began by embroidering three pink stars throughout the pants (can you spot them all?). Then I began the process of piecing everything together. I fell in love with all the top stitching details and was really on a roll. Day 2 of Kid’s Clothes Week was spent finalizing the pants, but I sewed one of the zippers on upside down, had to redo it all, and then it got late. I was so close.  Day 3 came and I spent my hour literally just trying to figure out the waistband and what the directions meant. So, I pushed forward and finished the pants in a second hour. I really wanted to get these done so I could make something else this week! And then I was so nervous that they wouldn’t fit her, that the material wasn’t stretchy enough, that she’d be able to wear them for one time and out grow them, or that she wouldn’t even like them. Pinktastic Sweatshirt and Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

But, much to my surprise all my worries vanished that next morning. She was overly delighted to put them on (I didn’t even ask her!), they fit like a glove, and the material is perfect. She didn’t want to take them off and eagerly let me do a photoshoot right then. Rock it girl!
Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

The boots cover up the zippers, but I wasn’t about to make her change out of them since she was pumped about letting me take her picture. Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Eventually I did convince her to let me see those zippers. Eeps, I love them!Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}


Pinktastic Sweatshirt and Secret Star Pants {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Plus, this whole look cost just over $10! The boots were hand-me-downs (thanks sis-in-law!).
Pinktastic Sweatshirt Cost {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org} Secret Star Pants Cost {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}


Pattern: Ottobre 6/2014, Heather Sweatshirt #17
Fabric: Pink sweatshirt knit on clearance at Hancock Fabrics ($2/yd)


Pattern: Ottobre 4/2014, Jump Rope Jeans #25
Fabric: Star Denim on clearance rack at Hancock Fabrics ($3/yd)

Another birthday…another pillow!

It’s starting to be a tradition for me to make my nieces pillows for their birthday. Ok, not really. I’ve only made one other pillow, but indulge me for a minute while I show off my latest creation. This one for my 4-year-old, My Little Pony-loving niece.

{This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the links noted by an *, I will receive some compensation if you purchase something.}

It’s…..Sparkle! Not to be confused with Twilight Sparkle (who has wings and is really my niece’s favorite pony. Oops!)  It’s a little late to add the wings now.  She’s already received her gift. Maybe next time I’ll pay better attention to her favorite character’s exact name.My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

I had so much fun conjuring this one up. I didn’t use a pattern (because who has a pattern for a My Little Pony pillow?!), just enlarged the image I found online and printed it on four pieces of paper. Then outlined and cut out the pony shape. I decided to connect the piece between the front and back legs to make it more of a pillow and less of a plush toy (hence the white fabric on the front to separate the legs).

My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Since I used a Target jersey sheet for the body, I had to reinforce it with stabilizer. Well…I didn’t have regular stabilizer, so I appliqued the whole thing to an old white t-shirt using this iron-on adhesive*. It might not have been the cheapest decision, but it was thriftier than going out and buying something else at that moment.
My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}For the eye, I appliqued a scrap of white t-shirt and painted on the black, purple, and pink features. I also painted the black eyelashes with fabric paint*.

My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

The star was painted on too. I simply mixed red and white to make pink. And my kids got a lesson in color mixing at the same time. 😉My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

One of my favorite parts of Sparkle is her HAIR! I was planning on using yarn, but I didn’t have any in the colors of her hair. So, I got to use my old faithful – t-shirts. A friend gave me bags of old t-shirts in every color, so I found the perfect shade of pink and already had the navy and purple cotton/spandex fabric from Girl Charlee*. In retrospect, I could have used t-shirts for all of her hair, but I do like the extra bit of spandex to make the hair curl up a bit more. All you have to do is pull the fabric, and it curls up and makes perfect pony hair.  My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

Here’s the breakdown: (Much cheaper than store-bought, and it was all-USA made! Of course, it took forever, but it’s what I love to do, so I’m fine with that.)My Little Pony Pillow Cost | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

And check out the Shopkins pillow I made earlier this year:

Zappy Microwave Shopkins Pillow | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}