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Savings Made by Sewing {Supplies} with Finn’s Door

It’s great to have a fresh new perspective and today we have just that – Rebecca from Finn’s Door is a crafty blogger re-entering into the blogging world. She’s already impressed me with her thrifting skills and I’m excited to show you what she’s sharing with us today… a craft room makeover!


This one is for P. Stowe. See it’s not always clean!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here. Thank you Sew Thrifty for having me along for this awesome blog series. I’ve been having fun following everyone and their wonderful tips to save with sewing.

I am always on the lookout for that big sale, major thrift shop score or even a yard sale that boasts, “I’ve given up sewing so I’m selling all my stuff super cheap!” I have been fortunate enough to stumble across all three!

Not too long ago I made a major decision to leave a very stressful and demanding job to return to stay-at-home mom, blogger, crafter and more. I have to say I am much happier. I now have time with my family, time to sew and create, and time to blog. Cutting out my salary was a bit tough to live with, but if I wanted to really make a go at my passion, I needed a studio. And I mean a real it’s-all-mine-no-kids-allowed studio.

Being restricted to a very tight budget, I did what any woman would do when she wants something…I went shopping! Yes I did, at home. I already had the basics that I needed, and with the help of Pinterest (check out what I’ve found) I knew what I wanted. So I started with some shelves, inherited from a relative. They were solid and the right size but needed some updating. Luckily I had paint left over from trim and a sample paint I scored for a few bucks and it was golden!

What was old and outdated became new with a touch of paint.

Next up was the desire for a larger (ok, not my dining room table) cutting\drafting table. I already had 2 shelves stuck out in the garage, so I hauled them out, slapped on my leftover paint, and voila, instant table base and storage for fabric! The table top I was lucky enough to have around also. Another free score.

My new perfect sized work table

Finally, I knew I wanted a larger top to house my machine and all the extras I need around when sewing. We took apart the run-down broken cabinet in our closet, and I was able to paint and repair with little difficulty. Now I have tons of room.


I added a few more touches, and I am pleased to say that my total cost on this great space was under $100!! Way under.

So take a look around; I hope something sparks your imagination.


Remember to always think outside the box, use what you have, and create something new.

Now go and create!


What a great use of supplies to make a craft room! Even though not all sewers have a craft room (you don’t need one to sew!), there are so many ways to build one with thrifted finds or re-working other pieces of furniture that you already have. Do you have a craft room overhaul you’d like to share?

Come back tomorrow for our last guest on supplies – Ula from Lulu and Celeste!

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