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There’s a Surprise at the End of this Post

The blog has been a little quiet lately. And for good reasons. First off, have you ever tried to only sew Ottobre for a month?! (phew) Combined with attacking Kid’s Clothes Week?! (double phew) And then there’s the harsh reality of life that sometimes crashes down on you…and it’s never when you’re ready or able to handle it.  I had a miscarriage last week. God has wrapped me in His loving arms and I am doing wonderfully considering the circumstances. And actually, have started looking more towards others in the past two weeks instead of solely sewing for my kiddos. (But you’ll have to read this whole post to get to that good stuff!)

Today, I get to celebrate an amazing pattern company by showing off my latest creation! The Abilene Skirt by Momma Quail Patterns.

Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

As soon as I bought this fabric (pale pink with gold polka dots!) from Hobby Lobby, I knew I wanted to make River a skirt. And the Abilene Skirt is perfect! I love the front pockets, back pockets, and nice details that make this skirt look very professional. I chose the faux fly and front pockets options. And for the rest, I kept right to the pattern. I didn’t need to lengthen or shorten at all. The skirt is going to be great this fall/winter with some leggings and perfect next spring too. The back has an elastic waistband so these will stretch a bit to last River until next summer for sure. And then Lioness will get it. It’s so fun having two girls in a row!Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

River loves her skirt. What she’s sad about is that I completely FORGOT to bring along her awesome Just Like Papa Briefcase!! And it is awesome. Pink and polka-dotty and full of great compartments for crayons, stickers, princess coloring books, and her fake pink phone that is really one of those water games that you can never win. (Not like I’ve taken over her phone in an attempt to show her how awesome terrible  mama is at that game or anything…..) So, since you don’t get to see her awesome briefcase, I’ll remind you about her brother’s:

Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}Just Like Papa Briefcase | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}

OK, now back to my girl and the surprise waiting for you at the end of this blog post. I’ve decided to re-open my Etsy shop!! Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}I know girl, I can hardly contain myself too! 

And this scarf is already listed! What I LOVE about my shop is that I don’t keep any of the money. Yes, you read that right. All proceeds go directly toward helping adoptive and missionary families. I had it opened for two years prior to Lioness being born, but took it down to focus more on her and family. Now, I’m wanting to serve others again in this little way. I’m hopeful that I can keep it open while balancing and maintaining my priorities.

Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Abilene Skirt |Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org} Deer Infinity Scarf | Sew Thrifty {www.sewthrifty.org}So, if you’re into supporting adoptive families bring home their babies or missionaries spreading the love of Jesus, check out twelve2 on Etsy or Facebook or Instagram.

I’ll still be popping in over here at Sew Thrifty from time to time, but my heart needs to serve others right now. And sharing with my kids why I sew for others and get them to help out in the process as well.

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