Savings Made by Sewing {Supplies} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}

Savings Made by Sewing {Supplies}

Another week begins and another great group of bloggers with their tips on saving money! This week is all about saving money on supplies – machines, notions, organizational systems, tables, and all the things you need to help you sew amazing things.

Savings Made by Sewing {Supplies} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}

If there’s anything out there that prevents people from sewing or thinking sewing can save you money, I believe it’s supplies. The upfront cost of a sewing machine, table and other basic supplies can definitely send someone running. But I want you to consider thinking of these costs in a different way.

Rethink the cost of Sewing Supplies

When you think about going out to eat or cooking at home, what factors do you consider? Cost of the meal? Transportation? Cost of the electricity to cook the meal? Time it takes? Cost of tools used? Most of the time we compare the cost of the meal out and the cost of the food it takes to cook the meal if we cook ourselves. For example:


We don’t include the cost of the knife to cut the potatoes or the refrigerator to cool the soda or the gas to heat the grill to cook the burgers. So then why do we think about the  cost of scissors, pins, or a sewing machine when factoring how much something costs to make? In cooking all these supplies are a given. Kitchen cabinets, ovens, and knives are all investments one must make in order to cook or bake something at home. Likewise, sewing machines, pins, and scissors are all investments a seamstress must make in order to sew their own clothes and accessories.

Supplies are Investments

For those out there thinking about investing in a sewing machine or another tool to help you sew better, consider it like you would a kitchen tool or appliance. Does the tool provide any new or better way to get the job done? Or can you get by with a tool you already have? Chances are you have something you can use until you find the tool on sale, or wait to have it gifted to you. Beginning to sew doesn’t have to drain your savings. Purchase one or a few supplies at a time and you’ll slowly build up your sewing tools. Just like you do when you rent your first apartment or home – you slowly purchase the gadgets you need as you cook.

Buy What You Can Afford

For everything I purchase, I never go into debt. If I can’t afford it, I don’t need it and won’t buy it. So, when you start your sewing supply shopping, set a budget and stick to it.  Don’t purchase something you have to buy on credit. That won’t save any money if you end up paying for your sewing machine for 5 years plus interest. It will end up costing even more than the original price.

There is so much more to be said on this topic, but I’ll leave that up to the rest of the authors this week. This week we will learn all about how to take care of our sewing investments, how to save money through some awesome DIY projects, and general tips on saving on supplies!

Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

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