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Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns} with Sew Straight and Gather

Who better to tell us how to save on patterns than a pattern designer herself? Terri from Sew Straight and Gather is amazingly resourceful when it comes to patterns.  If you’ve taken the plunge and bought Ottobre, you’ve got to check out her great tutorial on tracing Ottobre patterns! Today she’s giving us tips on how to save when buying patterns.


Savings-Made-by-Sewing-banner There is nothing like saving money when sewing! Most “non-sewists” think we sew clothes because it is cheaper than buying retail or it saves us money somehow….Well, we all know that is WRONG! So WRONG! We sew because we love it and we want to take the time to create something beautiful –just like most crafters. So between buying beautiful fabric, a great pattern, all the notions and tools and making sure our machines are working properly — it is not cheaper by any means!

Why buy a pair of leggings for 5 dollars when you can make them for $30…right?! LOL!

Saving money on patterns and really anything else is one of those essential skills we must educate ourselves on as we continue with our craft! This series is going to be jam packed full of tips and tricks — so lets all take notes together!!

Here are my TOP 5 for “Saving on Patterns”, I hope you enjoy!

5. Buy patterns with mulitiple options

Sew Straight for Sew Thrifty

Finding patterns with multiple options is a great way to save on patterns. With these kind of patterns you can sew something different every time or for every season and that is a wonderful way to get longevity from a pattern. My Uptown/Downtown has several options and is super fun & rewarding to sew — you can find more details HERE.

Another amazing multi-option PDF pattern is 5 &10! What a genius idea these ladies put together–REALLY genius! 5 pattern blocks and 10 detailed tutorials for 10 completely different designs. THIS is a great way to get bang for your buck! And if your a pattern altering creative–I’m sure the options are endless! Oh, and did I mention there are designs for girls and boys? Check that out HERE! There is currently 3 volumes.

AND until July 19th! YOU can get 10% off your 5&10 designs patterns using code SUMMERFUN. Thank you ladies for letting me share this today!!

4. Ottobre and other

DSC_0884Pages from 3-2015_alldesigns

OTTOBRE! I LOVE Ottobre! This magazine can be subscribed to HERE. There are two options for purchases, you can either subscribe to it directly from Ottobre in Finland or you can purchase it from individual retailers — which can be found on Etsy or with a simple google search. For me it works out to about $17.00 a magazine CAD and worth EVERY penny. You receive about 35 beautiful childrens patterns in each magazine, all of them are awesome designs. Three things you need to be aware of before you purchase — there is NO seam allowance added to the pattern anywhere, you will need to add your preferred amount to every pattern piece. Second, the patterns are nested together, so they need to be traced out – Check out my TUTORIAL HERE for a quick way to do that. Third, the instructions are all written, there are no photo tutorials for construction so you may need to read over them a few times — I suggest starting simple then moving up to a more complex pattern. I still feel the extra work is worth it. I LOVE these patterns. LOVE!

3. Books

DSC_0879Japanese pattern books are another one of my favorites! They are similar to Ottobre but these books gives you much more detailed & illustrated instructions for each pattern. The designs are clean, modern and have beautiful detail.

The patterns are also nested on the pattern sheet but not to the same extent as Ottobre — so they do need to be traced off. The seam allowance is included BONUS!

You can usually find these books on Amazon or at your local book store!

2. Learn to trace from RTW

SOURCE: Sweet Verbena
SOURCE: Sweet Verbena

This tutorial from Sweet Verbena is a perfect example of how to trace simple RTW garments. Tracing retail clothing takes a little practice but it’s worth it! Especially for simple t-shirts, leggings and skirts. It’s the perfect solution to recreating something you already own and love but want in EVERY color. Knit fabric is a great fabric to start with — it’s forgiving if you make a tracing mistake!

This is a great article on how to trace more complex garments from Threads Magazine

1. FREE Patterns

Girls Sewing PatternDo I need to say more??? You can find FREE patterns everywhere! Do a simple Google or Pinterest search and you’ll be downloading all day. Some patterns are simple and some are more complex but most are patterns you will sew for years to come and there are plenty of them!

I hope that was helpful!! I know there is going to be much more to come, so keep your notepad out! Bye!


How do you save money on patterns? Have you considered using books or magazines or even creating your own? I’d love to hear!

Tomorrow we’ve got Amanda from A Real Life Country Housewife sharing her advice for keeping all those patterns organized!

Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

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