Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

Savings Made by Sewing {General Tips}

I’ve told you I’m a math nerd, right?! And I love budgets and saving money too. Ok, just making sure you knew that before moving on. Because today I’m giving you some general money-saving advice. I’ll put a sewing spin on it, but really these tips can be useful in all areas of your life.

General Sewing and Saving Tips by Sew Thrifty {}
Plan Your Projects

Do you have a sewing planner? I just started one this year and love it!  Writing or drawing up my projects inspires me, but also helps me plan what I need – fabric, patterns, notions, and otherwise. When you have all your ideas written down, you can make one trip to the store, saving on gas, or one online purchase, saving on shipping. Not all my supplies come from the same place, but having my projects planned out definitely helps knock down some of those extra costs that do add up over time.

Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford

It really amazes me that so many people are in debt. I’m not judging those out there who are, but my advice would be to never purchase something you can’t afford (except a house, and maybe a car, but probably not even a car). The thing is, when you buy on credit you’re paying more in interest over time than you might realize. Without going all math geeky on you, interest on credit cards is big. HUGE. You’ll end up paying more in interest than the item even cost in the first place. So that $10 fabric has now cost you $20 and it’s still not paid off. Do yourself a favor and only buy what you actually have money to buy.

Take Care of What You Have

This is advice I need to give myself time and time again. I’m still learning to be a good caretaker. I’m much better at being lazy and not dealing with taking care of my shoes, car, or house. But, as I try to be a better adult, I realize that taking care of what you have can save you thousands of dollars. When you oil your car, it lasts longer, and then you don’t have to buy a new one every 5 years. When you take care of your sewing machine, it lasts longer.  When you read the directions for taking care of that amazing fabric you invested in, your handmade clothes will last longer instead of pill…or shrink (gasp).

Buy in Volume

If you can get good deals on buying fabric or supplies in bulk and you know you’ll eventually use it, do it! I used to have an Etsy shop and I bought fabric wholesale because it was considerably cheaper and I knew I would be able to use it all and sell my products. The initial price will be more since you’re buying 15+ yards of fabric all at once instead of over time, but the overall cost should be less. However, be sure that it is actually less. At one point I had calculated that since shipping was more on my wholesale order, it was actually less expensive to order regular price unless I was going to order more than 20 yards of fabric at a time. Buying in volume makes sense for items that aren’t perishable, but be sure it makes sense for what you want as well – 15 yards of super-trendy fabric that is just for you might be a bit too much and will end up being wasted.

Minimize Waste

Whenever I’m cutting up fabric, I do my best to cut close to corners so that I have as much left for another project. Sometimes this can take more time, but later I am always thankful. I’ve cut fabric for projects and saved long strips of fabric – those strips ended up making great scarves and headbands. I’ve even used the selvages of knit fabric as a headband or bracelet. And if a scrap really isn’t salvageable, chop it up and fill up a bean bag!

Stay Organized

I know, I know, organization and creativity don’t necessarily go hand in hand. BUT, if you can be even somewhat organized you’ll save yourself time and money on everything. If your fabric is organized, you know what you have and what you might need…or don’t need. If your patters are organized, you’ll know that you already have 5 hoodie patterns and don’t need to purchase that new one just because it’s on sale. And if your supplies are organized,you’ll know that you need a few more buttons or zippers for that next project you’re planning and can pick them up when they are on sale next.

Do you consider budgeting or saving money on your sewing projects?


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Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

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