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Savings Made by Sewing {Fabric} with Feather’s Flights

Today, we are kicking off our saving-on-fabric series with Heather from Feather’s Flights. You may remember Heather from our Upcycled blog series we did last month. And, she is no stranger to saving money – check out her awesome post she wrote last year. She’s going to tell us all about how to re-think buying fabric. So, let’s get started!


Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be in the sewing series! What a fun topic! I really love sewing, but I also love saving money by sewing. I know it is possible, and it has helped our family budget for a couple of years. I’d like to tell you some of my tricks. This family outfit cost us $9!

  • Check your stash first! There have been times where I have need of a certain color of fabric. I go to the fabric store and find the fabric, and I find other unnecessary things to buy only to come home and find the right color in my stash. If you keep your stash organized (one of my biggest struggles), then you’ll always know what you have, and you can be inspired by all your beautiful fabrics sitting next to each other.
  • Check your closet too! You might not know it, but I really love upcycling. Upcycling saves money and time, and time can save you money. We all have those pieces of clothing in our closet that never get worn. The item might not fit right, but you liked the item for the color or print originally, so upcycle it! You save money by not purchasing any fabric, and you feel empowered by cleaning out. Look through all the closets in your house, and you’ll be surprised at what you find! Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the best five clothing items to upcycle.
  • Don’t be shy about your hobby! Tell your friends and family that you sew, and you will be the recipient of lots of fabric. I have been gifted lots of fabric and hand-me-down clothing from people because they knew I would use it. I’ve even had friends of friends give me clothing because they wanted to give it to someone who would use it. I often have to get rid of some because I get way too much, but I always find something special. Because someone knew I sewed, I was able to make a connection with a manufacturing warehouse that sells me their beautiful knit remnants for a deal.
  • Only buy what you love! It’s so easy to get caught up in buying all the fabric or thrifting all the cool items. But then you spend a lot of money (even if it was on sale) on stuff that sits in your stash never to be used. Was it really worth it? I took a pledge to be a lot more thoughtful with my wardrobe, so that I only buy the colors of fabric that I love, and I only make and buy the silhouettes I love. I bought a sheet set for $20 which seems like a lot of money, it was about $3 a yard. I used it to make a button up shirt for myself and the fitted sheet and pillowcase are perfect for my son’s bed.
1. I thoughtfully only thrifted a gray suiting and navy blue rib knit on a 50% off day 
  • Thrift it or swap it! I have found some awesome fabric and clothes from thrift stores that only cost me a couple of dollars. You can find a lot of basic items to upcycle or really unique fabric that you’d never find at a fabric store! If it grosses you, just throw the items immediately in the wash when you get home. You have to wash fabric from the fabric store too, right? Need some direction in upcycling? Here’s a giant list of upcycling tutorials for kids.
  • Set a budget and stick to it! I know this may be hard, but you’re not going to save money if you can’t learn to not buy all the fabric. It will make you really think about everything you put in your cart, use coupons when you can, and shop sales.


Have you successfully used any of Heather’s tips? Do you have a story to share or a project where you save money on fabric? I’d love to see it!

And stick around for tomorrow. We’ll hear from Mabey She Made It on whether or not to buy that fabric you’ve been eyeing.

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4 thoughts on “Savings Made by Sewing {Fabric} with Feather’s Flights”

  1. I usually check with my mom or sisters for fabric before I head to the fabric store. I was able to make an Elsa halloween costume for my daughter from some fabric that was cut for a different project but never finished. And that same halloween I took a gifted black maxi dress and made a Mavis dress, and a too big leather jacket into a cape (Mavis is from hotel translyvania). I think I spent under $10 on two different costumes with completely different looks by looking for what I had already. Also it pays to share that you like fabric. My bestie found a really cool shirt that had awesome fabric at a yard sale and bought it because she wanted to see what I could make with it. Yard sales are also a great way to find fabric. I found a shirt and a sundress that I wouldn’t wear alone but remade them into a trendy shirt. (I was asked twice by different people at costco where I had bought my shirt!) And they cost me $.75.

  2. These are great suggestions. I’ve collected a small stockpile of great clothing and fabrics from friends and family just by letting them know I’m looking for these items. We also have had success calling local seamstresses who were happy to give away their leftover fabrics rather than just throwing them in the garbage.

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