Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}

5 Ways to Get FREE Patterns: Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns}!

I don’t really have a problem buying a pattern, but lately I’ve been a bit more intentional when I do purchase one with my own money. However, there are so many ways to score free patterns, that I just have to share those with you today!

Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}

5 Ways to Sore FREE Patterns, Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}{This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the links noted by an *, I will receive some compensation if you purchase something.}

1. Google/Pinterest

I wish there was a catch-all place for all the free sewing patterns in the world. There’s not. But, many crafters have made HUGE collections on Pinterest. Mine are here: baby’s, girl’s, boy’s, unisex, women’s. And then there’s tutorials too (which sometimes include patterns): baby’sgirl’s, boy’s, women’s, and housewares. There’s thousands (millions?) of tutorials on sewing tips to help you learn how to create your own pattern or hack a pattern or alter a pattern.

2. Subscribe to emails

Some pattern designers offer a free pattern when you subscribe to their newsletter or join their Facebook group. Others have sneak peaks or alert you when a new free pattern is available. My favorites are: Melly Sews, Brindille and Twig, Shwin and Shwin, and Maria Denmark.

3. Pattern test

Can I tell you how much I love pattern testing!? You definitely have to work for these potentially free patterns, but in my case, it has been worth it. A designer is getting ready to launch a new pattern, but they need to make sure it will fit all shapes, sizes, and age ranges.  That’s where pattern testers come in! They send out a call for testers and indicate the requirements: a time frame (usually a week), fabric requirements/suggestions, sizes needed, photographs needed, and experience required. Every tester call is unique, so be sure to read what the designer is looking for before signing up! I have been fortunate enough to test two patterns over the past two months. And I have missed some really great patterns as well, but I don’t let that stop me from continually looking and being ready for another tester call!

If you’re interested in being a tester, check out designer’s Facebook group and (if you sew for boys) the Sewing for Boys group, which is where I hear about most pattern tester calls.

Gumnut Dress by Sew Thrifty {}
Gumnut Dress testing, pattern by WIllow & Stitch
4. Blog

As I have become a blogger, I have connected with pattern designers who are looking for sewing bloggers to showcase their new pattern. Or I have joined on a tour highlighting an eBook or pattern. Now, you may not want to be a blogger, but I want to be honest in that I have received quite a few free patterns since I started blogging. Now, that all comes with the “price” of promoting their product. For me, I only sign up for patterns and tours that I truly do like anyway. And, I’m not blogging for the sole purpose of receiving patterns, believe me! But, if you’ve considered blogging about your craft, that is one way to get some free patterns.

5. Ask for gifts

Everyone knows I love sewing. And that’s all I do besides chase after my kids and feed them all day. So, when it comes time for my birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day or Monday (hint hint…hubby, want to get me a random gift? ), they know they can give me something sewing-related. Or come make dinner and clean. So, they usually stick with something crafty. Sometimes they ask for specific ideas, and other times I get so excited about something I might be a bit too bold and ask for it myself. Ok, that may have happened on more than one occasion. I mean, they were going to buy me a gift, and I just needed to let them know that you can only buy Pattern Anthology at certain times!

Other patterns I’ve received as gifts from friends and family are from books and magazines: Sewing for Boys*Reinvention*Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders*Growing Up Sew Liberated*, and Ottobre.

5 Ways to Score FREE Patterns, Savings Made by Sewing {Patterns} | A Series to Help you Save Money Sewing | Sew Thrifty {}

How do you score free patterns? Or would you rather invest in a good pattern? Or do you make your own?


You won’t want to miss tomorrow with our first guest on patterns – Sew a Straight Line! She’ll show you how to get patterns for just 67 cents!

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