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Upcycled: Raglan for Girls

Have you ever held on to something for 20 years and then found the perfect moment to do something with it? No? Just me? OK, well, today is the day!

Welcome back to another day of thrifty sewing for your kids! Have you been following along here and at Feather’s Flights? If not, be sure to go back and see why we upcycle, tips for shopping thrift storeshow to get the most out of one item, and my first featured project – a colorblocked muscle tee. 

Now, onto today! I’ll be sharing two projects from the same FREE pattern – the Raglan Shirt Pattern by Nap-Time Creations.  This pattern is a unisex pattern offered for a wide range of sizes: 18 mos – 6T. Ladies first!

Upcycled Girl Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

{Disclosure: These are not our patterns, and we don’t claim any rights to them. They are kindly offered for free by the pattern designers. The patterns and tutorials must be obtained at the pattern designers’ sites.}

As I was going through my closet and my huge pile of clothes to be upcycled, I ran across just about every color…except pink. I just have never worn pink. But to my 3-year old, pink is her world. And because  I focus so much on making clothes for Carpenter,  I wanted to make something special just for her that she would cherish. Finally, in the depths of my storage, I came across this youth XL t-shirt I bought when I was 10! I still remember my youth and the love for chipmunks, and obviously I couldn’t bear to get rid of this shirt.

Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Since I really was focused on saving the graphic and not the hem (like here), I made sure the graphic was centered before I cut. Graphics can be hard to save in some shirts since adult shirts have graphics that can be quite large. Be sure to measure the graphic or the pattern before purchasing any thrift store graphic tees.

When checking to see if your desired graphic will work for your pattern, be sure to account for seam allowances. In the case of this raglan pattern, I had to make sure the neckline, sleeve seam, and side seam all were at least 3/8″ (1cm) away from my graphic. And they were! If this is not the case for your upcycled garment, try color blocking to keep your desired graphic.

Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Once you have your graphic ready, either pull the back of the shirt away from your cutting area or cut down the sides of the shirt. Then fold the front of the shirt and line up your pattern piece as indicated. Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

I always use a rotary cutter and weights, but if you use scissors, simply pin your pattern piece on and cut.Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Done! The graphic looks slightly off-centered, but it’s pretty close. I doubt my 3 year old will care. 🙂Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

The black sleeves are from a friend’s old shirt that I want to be able to use the logo for a future project. The neckband ribbing is from another black shirt (the first one had gray ribbing for the collar)

I was able to save the hem on the black shirt by using the existing hem to cut new sleeves. I started by folding the shirt and then lining up my pattern piece to the hem.

Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Since this shirt is for my girl, I wanted the sleeves a bit shorter than what was recommended. You can see below that I just slid the pattern down off the original shirt. Then I cut around the pattern piece there.Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

For the second sleeve, I cut around my first sleeve piece (to make sure the lengths of the sleeves were equal).Upcycled Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}Lastly, I cut out the neckband from another black shirt to use for the raglan neckband. You can choose to rip out the seams of a neckline, but that’s what too much work for me! I just cut as close as possible to the seam; the new neckband will be slightly smaller than the original, but for kid’s clothes it looks fine.

Then I followed the directions from the original pattern, and River has a pink shirt to call her own!

Upcycled Chipmunk Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Upcycled Chipmunk Raglan {Sew Thrifty | www.sewthrifty.org}

Here’s the breakdown:ChipmunkRaglanTimeCost.jpg

And be sure to hop on over to Feather’s Flights to see her peasant style dress!Upcycled: Learn to Sew Your Kid's Wardrobe. A Series by Feather's Flights (feathersflights.com) and Sew Thrifty (sewthrifty.org)

So….have you raided your closets yet to sew something up for your kiddos?! Feather’s Flights and I would love to see what you are sewing! Tag #upcycledkid on Instagram for your chance to be featured.

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