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Another birthday…another pillow!

It’s starting to be a tradition for me to make my nieces pillows for their birthday. Ok, not really. I’ve only made one other pillow, but indulge me for a minute while I show off my latest creation. This one for my 4-year-old, My Little Pony-loving niece.

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It’s…..Sparkle! Not to be confused with Twilight Sparkle (who has wings and is really my niece’s favorite pony. Oops!)  It’s a little late to add the wings now.  She’s already received her gift. Maybe next time I’ll pay better attention to her favorite character’s exact name.My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}

I had so much fun conjuring this one up. I didn’t use a pattern (because who has a pattern for a My Little Pony pillow?!), just enlarged the image I found online and printed it on four pieces of paper. Then outlined and cut out the pony shape. I decided to connect the piece between the front and back legs to make it more of a pillow and less of a plush toy (hence the white fabric on the front to separate the legs).

My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}

Since I used a Target jersey sheet for the body, I had to reinforce it with stabilizer. Well…I didn’t have regular stabilizer, so I appliqued the whole thing to an old white t-shirt using this iron-on adhesive*. It might not have been the cheapest decision, but it was thriftier than going out and buying something else at that moment.
My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}For the eye, I appliqued a scrap of white t-shirt and painted on the black, purple, and pink features. I also painted the black eyelashes with fabric paint*.

My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}

The star was painted on too. I simply mixed red and white to make pink. And my kids got a lesson in color mixing at the same time. 😉My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}

One of my favorite parts of Sparkle is her HAIR! I was planning on using yarn, but I didn’t have any in the colors of her hair. So, I got to use my old faithful – t-shirts. A friend gave me bags of old t-shirts in every color, so I found the perfect shade of pink and already had the navy and purple cotton/spandex fabric from Girl Charlee*. In retrospect, I could have used t-shirts for all of her hair, but I do like the extra bit of spandex to make the hair curl up a bit more. All you have to do is pull the fabric, and it curls up and makes perfect pony hair.  My Little Pony Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}

Here’s the breakdown: (Much cheaper than store-bought, and it was all-USA made! Of course, it took forever, but it’s what I love to do, so I’m fine with that.)My Little Pony Pillow Cost | Sew Thrifty {}

And check out the Shopkins pillow I made earlier this year:

Zappy Microwave Shopkins Pillow | Sew Thrifty {}



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  1. This pony IS Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle does not have wings from the get go. She gets wings and becomes an alicorn at the end of season 3. She starts out as a unicorn.

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