Star Man Pants - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

Star Man Pants {Ottobre October}

So, I started a challenge to sew only Ottobre patterns this month and then fell off the face of the blog-o-sphere. Darn cold snap that made my entire family sick. But, I’m back and sewing up a storm now. So, hopefully there will be more fun Ottobre-inspiration around here and I hope to see yours as well. Plus, there’s a Portuguese Blog Tour starting on October 15, so you’ll have to check that out as well (once I get some links, I’ll be sure to share those here!).

Side note: It’s this man’s 5th birthday today!  Happy Birthday Carpenter!! I’ll probably be a tad bit more emotional over on Instagram at some point today…

Star Man Pants - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

{Yea, it’s my birthday! Now, where are my Legos?}

If you’ve been around my blog at all, you know that I’m a tad obsessed with stars. But, in fact, I really don’t sew up my star fabric because I’m nervous that I’m not using it on just the right project. Well, hopefully I’ll get over that fear. I’m taking baby steps today. I have some amazing star sweatshirt fabric that I really wanted to use for these pants, but yea, didn’t want to cut them up.

Instead, I used a small bit of green star jersey knit that I scored at a L’Oiseau presale (you can find out about their presales from their Facebook page) in combination with a less expensive solid sweatshirt fabric from Girl Charlee.

Star Man Pants - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

I love the way they turned out and do plan on cutting into the star sweatshirt to make Carpenter another pair of these. He loves them!Star Man Pants - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

I added the green stars for the pockets and the he, even though the hem called for ribbing. It looks way cooler with stars.
Star Man Pants - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

And yes, this photoshoot was on my back deck with his PJ top on and no shoes. It’s been a week, ok? 🙂 But, really, does Carpenter ever wear shoes? They’ll just slow him down.

Star Man Pants Cost - Ottobre October {Sew Thrifty |}

Ottobre 6/2014, #11 Star Man Sweatpants

Gray sweatshirt from Girl Charlee
Green stars jersey knit from L’Ouiseau

And don’t forget to share your Ottobre October looks on Instagram! Use the hashtags #OttobreOctober and #OttobreOctubre. Or email me with your looks at[at] or link up in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Star Man Pants {Ottobre October}”

  1. I have been sewing up a bunch of Ottobre stuff lately… so fun. I made similar Ottobre sweats in a couple of colors for one of my boys. It’s a newer issue though 4/15 the juggler sweats. I’ll have to check out some more of your posts.

  2. Happy Birthday, Carpenter! These look so comfy and cuddly. I want to make these for my little guy(10 years-old, but he’s the baby). He gave a tentative “okay.” I will show him yours. Maybe he will be on board when he sees how great these are.

  3. Super cute – I love the little pops of green and the stars. You’ve inspired me to dig out some of my ottobre mags. Now I just have to remember to add those pesky seam allowances…. Gets me every time – you’d think I’d learn – but no!

    1. Yea, those seam allowances. I really should include them in my patterns when I trace them, but I don’t (gasp). And yay for inspiration! I know your Ottobre looks will be amazing. Can’t wait to see, Jess!

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