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About pages are so awkward….so, I’m just going to pretend you’re sitting across from me eating sushi and telling you how excited I am about life and other things. We would already know each others’ names, but since you might not, I’m Dana. And I guarantee you I can beat you at a sushi eating contest. πŸ˜‰ But that’s not what’s most important in life.

God is what’s most important, although I fail tremendously at placing Him number 1. He never fails at loving me and desiring me.

The next most important thing is my hubby. We are best friends. Really. We love lots of the same things (he’s even sewn before!), and we love spending time together, and to this day (of 7 years of marriage) I can count on one hand the number of times he’s annoyed me. Yea, he’s amazing.

And then there are the three munchkins. We’ll call them Carpenter, River, and Lioness. You’ll see them a lot here on this blog, so please respect them.

Carpenter is 4, the oldest, sweet, honest, super helpful, brilliant, observant, remembers everything, and sensitive.


River is 3, the middle, a peacemaker, silly, funny, daring, brave, and a caretaker.


Lioness, the baby, is happy, easy, and joyful. She is the baby that makes you want to have more babies. And so we just might! πŸ˜‰


After my family, I’m a bit into nerdy things. I like statistics, Doctor Who, The Avengers, Sherlock (the British version), graphs, and more numbers! I’m constantly trying to find ways to make a deal and save money.

As I have become a mom, I’ve dabbled in sewing and crafty things. And as nonmathematical as they are, I really enjoy them. Here recently I’ve become aware of the horrendous conditions under which many of my kids’ clothes have been made. So, while I may not always save money sewing, I know I have saved others from harsh working conditions as much as I can.

So, that’s me. And that’s a bit about what you’ll see here at Sew Thrifty. I hope you feel inspired to sew and inspired to save!

Inspiring you to sew and save