First Annual Christmas PJs

Here’s the deal. I’ve been absent from blogging for a few months now. I have four kids and who knows how much sleep I’ve been getting. BUT, I sewed and I took pictures of it. So, that’s what you’re getting. Somewhat cute crazy pictures of my clan in their mis-matched Christmas PJs.
Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {}
Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {}

Christmas PJs | Sew Thrifty {}Here’s to hoping these are the first of many annual mama-made Christmas PJs.

Merry Christmas from the Sew Thrifty crew!


Pattern: Alex and Anna PJs by Peek-a-Boo Patterns, purchased over Black Friday weekend for a discount!

Fabrics: Buffalo Plaid from Girl Charlee; green solid knit gifted from a friend, gray and black solid jersey from Target sheets.

Thrifty Baby Celebration: Changing Bag {FREE Pattern}

We’re starting the third week of the Thrifty Baby Celebration and I am just about ready to start sewing again. Actually, I’m beyond ready, but my kiddos have different ideas. And that’s ok. Right now I am doing exactly what I need to be doing – investing in them. So while I do that, my friends are creating all the fun thrifty baby things. Today we have Vicky from Vicky Myer’s Creations sharing a great baby essential.

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Vicky Myers Creations

I love Vicky’s blog because she’s constantly finding new ways to upcycle all the things. Today she’s got a FREE pattern for us to make a changing pad. After four kids, let me tell you, this is a great gift to receive and it’s an essential item if you want to go anywhere and feel like you can change your baby with some semblance of cleanliness. 🙂

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Sew Thrifty {}


Thrifty Baby Celebration: Baby Gifts

Have you seen all the great baby ideas so far? And today is another great one for you! Not everyone has a baby to sew for, but we can all pass along some great handmade items to friends who are having babies, right?!

Thrifty Baby Celebration | House of Estrela

Today’s guest, Magda from House of Estrela shares some ideas for gifts you can make for others. Go check them out!

(And yes, my baby GIRL is finally here! You can check out more pics of “Belle” over on Instagram).

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Sew Thrifty {}

Thrifty Baby Celebration: 10 Things From a Flannel Sheet

Thrifty Baby Celebration | If Only They Would Nap

Would you believe me if I said I’m still pregnant?! Forty weeks today and baby is staying comfy. But now that gives me more time to finish up some small projects and maybe even sew a little bit for baby!

Today’s guest is Jess from If Only They Would Nap. I’m a huge fan of her blog and as I got to know her, a huge fan of her too! She’s got four (almost five) boys and she homeschools. If you didn’t know, boy sewing is my favorite, so I love seeing all her ideas. And today she’s got a great round-up to save some money for baby using flannel sheets. Go check it out!

And don’t forget to check out how to make three teething necklaces for the price of one over at Feather’s Flights.

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Sew Thrifty {}


Thrifty Baby Celebration: Teething Necklace

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Feather's Flights

The first guest for our baby celebration is Heather from Feather’s Flights. Heather and I have so many things in common, as you might remember from our Upcycled Kid series we did last year. And, this year we both gave birth to new babies (well, I’m about to… still preggo over here!). I am excited to share what she’s got for us today. So, hop on over to her blog and check out this great necklace tutorial.

And, if you’re looking for more thrifty baby ideas, I’ve got plenty.

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Sew Thrifty {}


The Thrifty Baby Celebration

Well, I really thought I would have had a baby by now. I’m 39 weeks today and have never been this pregnant in all my pregnancies! Since this is my fourth baby, baby showers are pretty much non-existent at this point. And, let’s be real, most of my friends have four or more children too, so there’s no time for throwing parties. Instead, I decided to throw a virtual party here on my blog and everyone’s invited! It’s the Thrifty Baby Celebration!

Thrifty Baby Celebration | Sew Thrifty {}

Over the next month there will be tons of great baby ideas that you can sew or DIY that cost next to nothing.


Since my last baby was a girl, I did quite a bit of baby girl sewing.  Here are some great (inexpensive) ideas to get you started:

  1. FREE baby dress pattern

Baby Lap Dress FREE Pattern 6-12 mos {Sew Thrifty |}


2. Upcycled maternity shirt to baby skirtUpcycled Circle Skirt: From maternity shirt to baby skirt! {Sew Thrifty |}


3. Update baby clothes



4. Baby headband



5. FREE Baby shoe pattern

Upcycled Baby Shoes {Sew Thrifty |}


6. Get your baby Halloween ready!BabyCaptainAm-1

Over the next month I’ll have some great bloggers featured here with their ideas for sewing for baby that won’t cost a ton of money. Be sure to follow along!

Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man’s Land

Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}

It is surreal that I am now sewing for a Kindergartner! And today, I’m joining up with Sewing Like Mad to share my kindergarten looks. Since we are doing an alternative schooling, I immediately knew that I was going to create two looks. Keep reading to see what I mean and why we do school a bit differently.

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, which number child is this?
Yes! My eldest headed off to Kindergarten in August and despite being 7.5 months pregnant, I handled myself pretty well.
Do you feel like crying or celebrating? And what about your child?
Honestly, there was a week of extreme doubt that ran through me. Originally, we planned on homeschooling every year. When I got pregnant with #4 and struggled balancing everything, I knew I needed some help. We made the decision to start Carpenter in a university model school back in March. And we knew it was the right decision. However, as the week before school hit, I thought, “I could really do this whole schooling thing all by myself.” And “I don’t want him gone at all during the day.” However, as the first day approached, Carpenter’s excitement was contagious and I knew this was the right thing to do for him, for now. (And the right thing for me too!) So, on drop-off day, there were no tears, and he ran right in with a big smile on his face!
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Now, a month into the school year, I am overwhelmed with how much Carpenter is thriving. This is THE school for him. He loves going to school, he loves being home, he loves the structure of school days, he loves the freedom of home days, he loves his teachers, he loves his new friends, and he (gasp) gets along better with his sister….most of the time.
What kind of school does your child attend? 
This is where we are diving off into no man’s land. Ok, not really. BUT, we don’t homeschool or do public or private school. Carpenter attends a university model school. The general idea is that we do school at home on M, W, F, and Carpenter attends school in a traditional classroom on T and Th. The curriculum and pace is set by the school, and our lesson plans are all done for us – different than homeschooling where you would chose all that yourself.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
For the days we are home, we can set the schedule – get it all done early in the morning, or take a field trip or extended weekend vacation to explore and do our work in the car or do all our work on Monday and take Friday off.  We still have to get set tasks done, but there’s great flexibility in when and where it all happens. As Carpenter gets older, this flexibility will be a bit harder as he’ll have more work, but for now, we are loving this flexibility.
And since we are going to school in no man’s land, I had to create two looks to fully capture what our schooling looks like.
Tuesday/Thursday look:
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Since he’s required to wear a uniform, I knew I had to sew his backpack. A sewing mama has to send something handmade to school with her boy, right?
The backpack pattern is the rectangular backpack from Petit a Petit + Family. And, yes, it’s FREE. I love free patterns! Carpenter actually went on a date with me to select his fabrics. Of course, I was secretly hoping for stripes like the original, but when he chose camo, I was still fine. Then he chose blue instead of orange for the pocket and I about died. But, it’s his creation and he loves it.
I added a water bottle holder to both sides using fabric from a swim cover-up given to me by a friend. I knew I held onto that mesh to upcycle at some point!
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
“Mom, make sure you get my wristband too!” At the school, they have a house system (yes, like Harry Potter. I told you this school rocks), and Carpenter got selected for Gaudium house, which stands for Joy.  They then get wristbands to coordinate with their house. All throughout the year they can earn points for service, academics, and conduct. Plus they have house games four times a year where they can earn more points. At the end of the year one of the four houses claims the Gryphon Cup!
Mon/Wed/Fri look:
PJs. Ok, I do make him get dressed most days. So, I threw together a raglan featuring some cool graphics and green pants. I’m all about some green pants.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
“Reading” Farmer Boy. He’s not quite reading yet, but he does love a good read aloud, and he soaks up all the good classics so far – I am very blessed to have this little learner!
The pants were made using Shwin and Shwin’s Nowhere Man Pants pattern, which I scored for $3 during some sale this past year.  I had been eyeing that pattern for a while and impatiently waited until I was able to get them on sale. And the green twill I practically stole from Hancock Fabrics when they were going out of business. I think I paid $1.50/yard for this color.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
The pockets feature some math facts fabric that I purchased many years ago at a little hole in the wall fabric shop in the middle of no man’s land Mississippi. Turns out that Carpenter loves math, so these are just right for him.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
These are such great pants – I cannot wait to sew up some more! And, their name is perfect for where we fit in the educational system – nowhere. Ha. I have to explain what a university model school is every time I tell about where Carpenter goes to school. But that’s ok, because it’s a GREAT model! As Carpenter gets older, he will attend more hours on the school’s campus and be more responsible for his own work – emailing his teachers, etc. Right now, he attends school from 8:30 am – 1 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and we work together on what he needs to be responsible for in his schoolwork.
At the beginning of school, I asked him what he wanted to learn about and he answered: cooking!
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Although maybe the reason he likes to cook is because he likes to eat so much.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Don’t give me that, you know it’s true.
He also loves to build, read, and play chess. I knew I wanted to be intentional about drawing out these interests of his, so I threw them all on a shirt for kindergarten.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
The shirt is a raglan using Nap-time Creations free raglan pattern.  Have I told you I love a good free pattern?  The fabrics are a blue knit that a friend gave me and a gray knit with rectangles. I bought the gray knit at my local Bernina, but I can’t remember the brand.
For the graphics, I found some free silhouettes and uploaded them into my Cricut software. Then printed them out on white iron-on vinyl and adhered them to the shirt. I was totally inspired by this shirt to make something simple.
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Yes, the only chess set we own is a Lord of the Rings set. 🙂
Question to your kindergartner: What have been the best and the worst parts so far?
Best part: Outside. Recess, it’s called recess.  I like going outside at home too.
Worst part: Don’t have one. Yet.
A man of few words. Except when he needs to go to bed and then he’ll talk your ear off. 😉
Sewing for Kindergarten: No Man's Land | Sew Thrifty {}
Be sure to check out Sewing Like Mad for all the other Sewing for Kindergarten looks!
Sewing for Kindergarten | Sew Thrifty {}

Week 30: Beach Baby Bump

Five more weeks and the beach ball keeps getting bigger! As it should. Thirty weeks usually signals that I’m nearing the end and it’s probably time I should prepare for baby. But this time around I’ve got a child about to enter Kindergarten (woa, real school!), another one at home about to homeschool pre-school, and lots more maternity sewing to do. Plus, the toddler who doesn’t seem to be thrilled about the potential for someone younger than her taking up mama’s lap. Or really, anyone taking mama’s lap.

Beach Baby Bump Week 30 | Sew Thrifty {}

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More Maternity Makes

Sorry Sew Thrifty has become maternity sewing overload lately. But, sewing all these maternity garments has given me a TON of confidence to sew for myself a lot more now. In fact, I’m getting jealous of my maternity wardrobe. So, I’m going to have to step it up once I’m no longer pregnant and sew some awesome things for myself. For today we have a raglan and some more culottes.

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Using FREE Tutorials to Design Your Clothes

Purple Star Henley Cap sleeve, a Free Tutorial Mash-up | Sew Thrifty {}

Over the past year I’ve been blogging off and on still trying to figure out just what kind of sewing blog I’d like to portray. (And what I have time for!) In the end, I know I want to encourage other potential sewists out there to start sewing, keep sewing, and finding ways to afford sewing. Today, I used four free tutorials to create a unique look for this shirt. No money was shelled out for patterns and all of these tutorials are easily found online. In fact, I’m completely self-taught and find most of what I need to teach myself online.

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