Crafting with Kids: A Freezer Paper Tutorial

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

It’s summer time here and I love having more time to craft with my kiddos. Plus, as they age, they can do more every year. This was a craft I did with my son last year and am just now sharing it with you. (So, yea, his hair is a lot longer and he looks so young!) Perhaps we need to make a new shirt this year and let his sister join in the fun too. But, enough about that, let’s get going to a fun tutorial you can do with your kids – freezer paper graphics!

Materials needed:

  1. Freezer paper. This can be found at most grocery and retail stores. It’s cheap and you can use it for stencils, tracing patterns, a white background for photographing your awesome creations, or wrapping a steak. I bought a roll 4 years ago and just recently ran out!
  2. Iron.
  3. T-shirt (either store bought or home sewn!).
  4. Fabric paint (I used chalkboard and Tulip soft fabric paint). You can find fabric paint at Jo-Ann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and other retail stores.
  5. Exacto knife.
  6. Pencil or other writing utensil.
  7. Paintbrush. My son used a foam brush, but you can also use a regular paintbrush.
  8. Stencil. When searching for an image, I Google searched for “silhouette”. Silhouettes will give you a black image that you can then trace to make your stencil. Likewise, you can use outlines of shapes like I did. This particular one is called “Explosion 1” from Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Step 2: Trace your stencil. Tear off a piece of freezer paper larger than your stencil. Placing the stencil underneath your freezer paper, trace the lines you want to cut. Keep in mind that the child will be painting. Small stencils can be difficult to capture accurately, even for adults. I recommend keeping your stencil large and with as few small pieces as possible. If the child is old enough and your stencil is simple enough, this would be a great step for your child. Or, have the child design his own stencil. Just keep in mind that small lines or shapes may be hard to capture when painting.

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {} Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Step 3: Cut out your stencil. Using the exacto knife, carefully cut the outline and any smaller pieces of your stencil. If you are cutting a stencil with holes, such as an “A” or “O” cut the small pieces inside first and then cut the outline of the shape or letter. Unless the child is old enough, this is definitely an adult job!

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {} Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Step 4: Position and iron on your stencil. Since it can be difficult to see what the stencil will look like on your shirt, I like to position the cut piece on the shirt first like this:

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Then I place the stencil around that shape, remove the shape and iron just the outlining stencil.

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Step 5: Prepare to paint. Always place either freezer paper or cardboard inside your shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back of the shirt. Kids LOVE to glob on paint and it WILL bleed through. I taped on another piece of freezer paper to cover the rest of the shirt and folded the top part of the shirt down. I also covered the table with newspaper or some form of protection.

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Step 6: Paint! Give your child the paint and let her have fun! This was my son’s third shirt to paint. For the first two, I let him have free reign and they weren’t perfect, but he made them and cherishes his artwork. This time I wanted to teach him a bit more technique, so I recommended that he paint from the outside of the stencil inward. Depending on your child’s age and ability, she will be able to do more or less than my son (age 4.5).

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Follow the instructions for your specific paint with regards to drying and washing instructions. Once dry, let your child try on his shirt and show off his creation to friends and family!

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Freezer Paper Tutorial // Sew Thrifty {}

Other options

If you’re experimenting with colored fabric paint, try these fun techniques:

  1. Bubble wrap. Use a piece of bubble wrap like a stamp.
  2. Stamps. These might be a bit frustrating, as they are hard to perfect. I tried these when my son was 3, and he was frustrated that the stamp didn’t come out perfectly. It might also depend on the quality and intricacy of the stamp.
  3. Q-tips. Your son can dot with these or use them to drag.
  4. Yarn. Dip one end into the paint and drag along the shirt.
  5. Glow-in-the-dark paint. Need I say more?! You will need several layers of this for it to work though.

Have you let your child create his/her own shirt? I’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out.


Week 20: Beach Baby Bump

Just a quick update to show you that the beach ball baby is getting bigger! I’m over halfway into this pregnancy and feeling great. And since I’ve been guest posting over at DIY Maternity, I am in love with my maternity wardrobe!

Beach Baby Bump Week 20 | Sew Thrifty {}

And don’t forget to look back at my 16 week beach ball baby! The beach ball is definitely starting to inflate.

Beach Baby Bump Week 20 | Sew Thrifty {}

Come on over to my Instagram feed for more baby updates and sneak peaks on all my maternity hacks.

Fun Customized Maternity Shirts

I’m constantly making fun graphics for my kiddo’s shirts, but rarely think of being so creative for myself. Well, enough of that thinking! Today I added graphics to two of my maternity shirts I recently made. One is the Beach Ball shirt and the other is a new shirt I haven’t blogged yet.

Beach Baby Bump | Sew Thrifty {}

Customize your Shirt with Graphics | Sew Thrifty {}

Both shirts used the Cara Maternity Tee pattern, customized to fit my body (best reason to sew your own maternity clothes right there!). The gray shirt was made from a Target sheet I scored at a salvage store for $5. The purple shirt was made from cotton/spandex purchased from Girl Charlee (aff link).


Want to know how to customize your own shirts? Hop on over to DIY Maternity for the full tutorial. I show you two different ways to make the graphics, depending on whether you have a cutting machine and vinyl or not. And don’t let the fact that these are maternity shirts deter you from making something non-maternity. This tutorial works for any shirt!

How much did these shirts cost me? Check it out:

Beach Ball Shirt Cost | Sew Thrifty {}

Star Shine Shirt Cost | Sew Thrifty {}


New Summer Play Skirt!

Are you ready for summer?! Honestly, I’m really not. It gets so hot here in Mississippi and I’ll be pregnant all summer. BUT, I am excited for some fun things my family has planned. And I’m always ready for fireworks. My son (and hubby) is going on a mission trip to Mexico over the Fourth of July holiday and my daughter was feeling a bit left out, so I decided to surprise her with a new skirt just for her to show off for July 4th.  And of course, since I made it so early, she can wear it for Memorial Day too!

Summer Play Skirt pattern by Nap-time Creations // Sew Thrifty {}

(disclaimer: I was given this pattern to test. All opinions are my own.)

Yep, she likes it.

Summer Play Skirt pattern by Nap-time Creations // Sew Thrifty {}

Twirl approved.

Summer Play Skirt pattern by Nap-time Creations // Sew Thrifty {}

But, also, these shorts!!! I cannot tell you how many times I’m telling her to keep her legs down when she’s wearing a regular skirt. She’s just so playful and loves to climb trees and jump all over the place.  And you better believe I don’t want to stop that. But, I’d rather her not show off her underwear to everyone. So, this skirt is the perfect combination of girly and practical for all her exploring. It’s perfect for her.

And you can get yourself this pattern for just $2.50 until this Friday! Super great deal. I’ve already made two and have plans for a few more just this year. The pattern has already paid for itself.

Pattern: Summer Play Skirt (18m-8Y) by Nap-time Creations

Fabric: Blue with White Stars and Red and White Stripe Jersey Spandex, both from Girl Charlee (aff link)

Beach Baby Bump!

The first time I was pregnant I didn’t even know how to sew. Then I miscarried and sewing became a hobby and way to sew for a potential future baby of mine. But I mostly sewed for my nieces. Then I finally got a baby of my own and I sewed all the things. Baby blocks, blankets, bibs, crib dust ruffle, and so much more. Then my baby became a little dude and I fell in love with sewing for boys. Fast forward 5 years and I still love sewing for boys, but have also sewed a bit for myself (and my two girls). In the 5 pregnancies (two loses), I had yet to sew one maternity item for myself. And, here I’m embarking on — what I feel like is my last pregnancy — and about to sew almost my entire maternity wardrobe! I am beyond excited. I don’t even care that I may never wear these beautiful handmade clothes again. I’m going to wear them and love them for the next 6 months. And, that’s all that matters right now.
Beach Baby Bump | Sew Thrifty {}

That has been a glimpse into my sewing journey and not even the main reason for this post.  So, let’s get to it! This awesome beach ball shirt was so fun to make. I did get some inspiration from a store that sells shirts very similar to these, but knew I could make my own. 

Beach Baby Bump | Sew Thrifty {}

And now, after trying it on and seeing photos, I’m realizing this shirt will be way cooler when I’m bigger. But, I’m not one for getting all bent out of shape; instead I think this will be such a fun photo shoot to try and re-create every month or so! Watch the beach ball inflate….Beach Baby Bump | Sew Thrifty {}

Beach babies! And by beach, I mean the imported sand next to the reservoir where we live. But, hey, my kids don’t know the difference. 😉Beach Baby Bump | Sew Thrifty {}

Shirt details:
Pattern: Cara Maternity Shirt by Megan Nielson Patterns
Fabric: Purple Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee
Vinyl: Silver glitter and white from USCutter

DIY Maternity Tank

Well the secret is out…I’m pregnant! Baby #4 is coming this way in September and we are thrilled. We’ve always wanted a big family and so blessed by God that we’ve been able to have this many children. And since I’ve been sewing more, I feel a lot more confident to sew my own maternity wardrobe!  DIY Tank Tutorial Header 1

Today I’m sharing a simple tank and you can find out how to make your own over at DIY Maternity today! So thrilled to have the opportunity to guest blog over there. Go check it out if you’re needing some new tanks yourself (the tutorial really is great for any tank top, not just maternity!).

DIY Maternity Tank Tutorial Step 5 | Sew Thrifty for

The tank I copied is a Liz Lange Maternity Tank from Target that I got on clearance for $3 and worn so much it’s wearing a bit thin. But I love wearing it under other shirts that aren’t quite long enough. So I paid $3 for a great tank AND a free pattern! The elephant tank cost me a little more than $10 to make.  I don’t mind that it cost more than the original shirt because the material is much nicer with more stretch and durability to it.

Maternity Tank Cost // Sew Thrifty {}

Mystical and Marvelous Aprons {With a Giveaway!}

If you’ve been following the Sew Thrifty blog for a while, you now I love a good deal. But over the past year I’ve been more convicted on not just saving money and finding things as cheap as possible, but also making sure my money is going to a good cause and that what I’m buying is ethically made. While I can’t always know everything about a product, I strive to. And today, I’m so excited to share with you a new fabric line by Lewis & Irene that donates to the Act for Wildlife.  Since the fabric is Chinese-inspired, the proceeds go towards helping Giant and Red Pandas. And it just so happened we checked out a whole bunch of panda books at the library last week! Ok, enough rambling about how awesome this whole thing is and on to what I made!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}

(I received 1 yard of fabric from Phat Quarters for this post. All opinions are my own.)


I’ve been meaning to make my kiddos aprons for a while. **cough cough** maybe since last Valentine’s Day. Oh well, a year later and here we are. So, once I looked at all the gorgeous options in this fabric line, I knew I was going to make aprons for my little chefs. It couldn’t have been more perfect – Carpenter LOVES dragons and River has a thing for pandas right now. I’m sure she’ll change, but hey, for now I’ll take it!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |} Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}

I used Aesthetic Nest’s tutorial and pattern, which uses 1 fat quarter for the front and 1 fat quarter for the back of the apron. (I used another fat quarter I had in my stash for the back). There is one tiny pattern piece that you cut out and then use for the pocket on the front. It really couldn’t be any easier. I did have to add a few inches to the panda fabric because I didn’t think about the direction of the print when deciding to do this project. But, I love the black band on the bottom.

Also, to make this more sew thrifty style, see those neck ribbons?! Yea, I used the ribbon that ties around Target sheets. I just so happened to have a pink one and a white one. It already had velcro attached to it, so I just did some moving around, attaching one velcro piece to the apron and viola! Free ribbon to use for the top part of the apron.

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}

To bring the two aprons together, I used the panda fabric as the pocket on the dragon apron and vice versa.

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}

And now, let’s get cookin’!

Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}Minshan Apron fabric from Phat Quarters {Sew Thrifty |}

And you have to go check out what everyone else made with this beautiful fabric!


What’s great is that these aprons only took me 1 fat quarter each. And so now I have 1 fat quarter each to give away to YOU! Enter below for your chance to win 1 fat quarter of red dragons and 1 fat quarter of pandas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway recipient receives 1 unwashed fat quarter of Lucky Dragon on Red and 1 unwashed fat quarter of Panda Temple on Light Gray. Offer available only to U.S. residents. Giveaway ends February 14, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Finally some selfish sewing {Sew Yourself Some Love Tour}

With the re-launch of my Etsy shop, I haven’t had much time to sew for myself lately. But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out some amazing women’s patterns and so, here I am sewing myself some love this week!

Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

(Disclaimer: I received these two patterns for free, but all opinions are my own)

The main reason I agreed to this blog tour was because I saw that Blank Slate Patterns was on the list of pattern designers to choose. And I have been dying to try the Denver Tunic. I first saw Melissa’s Instagram post on a self-drafted tunic she made nearly a year ago! And yea, I just so happened to be the first to comment that she needed to make it into a pattern for purchase. And then about 50 others followed. So, thanks Melissa for making our dreams come true. 🙂 I was really tempted to purchase the pattern when it came out with the bundle back in the fall, but I try to hold off purchasing because I never know when someone will buy it for me or when I could possible have a chance (like this!) to receive it for a blog tour. All that to say, I would totally buy this pattern! Or strongly hint to someone to get it for me for Valentine’s Day or something….hint hint. (trying to help you ladies out here!)Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

I love cowl necks, love pockets and love tunics, so really this was a no brainer for me. I LOVE it! The pattern also comes in a dress variation and you can omit the cowl neck if you want a scoop neck…and I just saw that it comes in short sleeves! WHAT?! Ok, I’ll definitely be making one of these in the spring. Princess seams were something new to me (I really still feel like a beginning sewist), but the pattern pieces fit perfectly and I had no problem with that step. Really the whole thing came together quite quickly and easily. The hardest part was finagling my one yard of amazing Lillestoff knit into a pattern that calls for 2 yards.

Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

See those sleeves there? Yea, they look awesome, but it was also a necessity. I only had enough width to make the sleeves down to my elbows, then added the band of charcoal knit, and then had a bit more of the Lillestoff to finish of the smaller bottom section of the sleeves. But, it worked! And I kinda like the contrast in the middle of the sleeve.

Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

The Lillestoff knit that I chose was one I splurged on and purchased last January (at $26 a yard! gasp). I NEVER spend that much on fabric, but I want to start consuming less and really the best way to do that is to make quality clothes. The way to make quality clothes is to start with quality fabric. Lillestoff does not disappoint. I supplemented with a heather charcoal gray spandex knit from Girl Charlee. Their spandex knit, which tends to be a heavier weight is a great fabric!

I’ve already worn this Denver Tunic 3 times before the photoshoot. So, I know it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

Now, on to the pants. Let me first start by saying: I have never made pants for myself. Ever. Not even PJ pants.  But, I love a good challenge and figured a stretchy knit jegging would be a good place to start.

Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

I chose the SOS Knit Pants by Patterns for Pirates. I’ve heard great reviews about her patterns, specifically her raglan, so I was excited to finally try out a pattern from her. This pattern has a huge range of sizes and two styles: skinny or straight leg. My measurements lined up with a medium, so I went with that and proceeded with the skinny version of the pattern. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to baste and check for fit. I tried them on and they were really loose. Kept increasing my seam allowance more and more and finally came up with what you see here:
Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

It’s not bad, but still a bit loose. I really wanted to make these pants right and I just couldn’t. So, I’m actually showing you unfinished pants! Ha. They aren’t hemmed and I haven’t even attached the waistband or topstitched them yet. Luckily, the Denver Tunic covers all that up. But, I guess I have chicken legs and birthing hips (I do have 3 kiddos) and I need to continue to refine these pants to make them what I want them to be.

The pattern was great and everything lined up and the instructions were very easy to follow. So, since I’m a newbie at sewing pants, I’ll chalk it up to that and keep going! I do love these pants and cannot wait to finalize them because… green pants!

I actually used the same fabric that is shown on the front of the pattern, but I used the wrong side of the fabric. It’s a stretch denim blue/green, so I thought it would be fun to use the green side. Then I accented the front and back pockets of the pants with the blue side (which you can’t see here). 
Sew Yourself Some Love Tour {Sew Thrifty |}

Once I get those pants finished I’ll have one amazing all sewn-by-me outfit! Here are the details on what I used and changes I made.


Total cost: $28.13 (fabric, thread)

Pattern: Denver Tunic by Blank Slate Patterns

Fabric: Dreamy Plants by Lillestoff ($26/yd) and Charcoal Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee ($6.50/yd)

Alterations made: Added the appropriate length amount to the original pattern because of my neck->waist measurement (Melissa breaks this down for you in the pattern). Then I added another 3 inches to the bottom of the pattern. Essentially, I made a Medium with an XXXL length. Then decreased 2 inches from the height of the hem band.


Total cost: $9.92 (fabric, thread, elastic)

Pattern: SOS Knit Pants by Patterns for Pirates

Fabric: Stretch Denim Blue/Green Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee ($6.50/yd) (looks like it’s out of stock, but here it is in blue/orange. And how fun would orange pants be?!)

Alterations made: Took in a lot from the width of the pants. But, still making alterations to complete this look!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my new look, now be sure to check out the rest of the ladies throughout the next two weeks.

 Sew Yourself Some Love
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Radical Raglans – The Launch of Something New

This blog’s been a little sparse lately, but it’s not because I haven’t been sewing. I’ve actually been sewing more…and organizing a big photoshoot and launching a new product line in my Etsy shop! And today I get to reveal it to you all. I am SO excited!! (and my kids are too)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

I’ve been posting sneak peaks on my Etsy shop’s Instagram account and even had a sneak peak sale. But today, TODAY, the Radical Raglans are now available for purchase in my shop. So go check ’em out!  Here are my kiddos sporting their custom-requested shirts.Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (’s all cry like Lioness. waaaaah!)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

Radical Raglans by twelve2 ( needed Daddy. All is right in my world now)

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

If you love this look and don’t want to make one yourself, let me make one for ya! Use coupon code RADICAL in my shop until Sunday, January 31st for 20% off any Radical Raglan. (A little background on my shop: twelve2 is the name of the shop and it stands for Romans 12:2, which calls us to not be conformed to this world, but transform our minds to the will of God. For me, that means donating all the proceeds of every purchase to adoptive and missionary families. Currently, I’m raising money for a Nicaraguan missionary family to help them buy a used SUV and supporting several US adoptive families.)

If you’re a fellow sewist, and want to make it yourself, here are the details:

Pattern: Nap-time Creations FREE raglan pattern

Fabrics: Body is upcycled from old t-shirts, sleeves are various fabrics from Girl Charlee (aff link)

Graphic: Custom-built graphic from a friend’s text painting (but you could use any fun font) and various shapes. I used my Cricut Explore to cut iron-on vinyl and then adhered that to my shirt.


So, whatcha waiting for?! Go run and get you one…or make you one!

Radical Raglans by twelve2 (

More Pink, More Stars! {Plus a HUGE Giveaway}

Well the Etsy shop has been opened and is going strong! But, I’ve still gotta clothe my kiddos…and make Christmas presents…and sew all the things my hubby has asked me to sew.  Ok, ok, one thing at a time. First – my River! She still needs quite a few long sleeve shirts for this fall/winter. Although I’m realizing the value in few options for her. I love that when we look in her drawer she has three shirts to choose from. It makes getting dressed a whole lot easier. Can you relate?

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}But, back to clothing my daughter. Today, I get to show off my new creation – the Petit Oiseau top, a pattern by Filles à Maman.
(I was given this pattern, but all opinions are my own)
Naturally I went with stars. And River has been begging for a shirt with this pink stripe fabric. I used it last to make her Gumnut Dress, and she can’t wear that much now that it’s chilly. So, she had to have something else with this pink.

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}

First, let me comment on the pattern. It is so fun and simple! I told my husband it would take me an hour from start to finish, and then we could watch the Hobbit. So, I went to work and got it done! I chose the look without the flounce to keep things simple and picked a different fabric for the upper arm section. I also liked some of the looks that had a different back fabric, so there’s lots of space to play around with fabric combinations. Plus, you can make this short or long sleeve. And it’s a dolman style top, so no sleeves!

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}

Don’t give me that look River, you know you love the pink stripes. Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}

I used a size 4, and she’s still in between 3/4T in other clothes I’ve made her. This one is a bit larger, but I like that it hangs loosely on her. I love that it’s a bit long too. I’m always making clothes longer for my entire family and this one I didn’t have to, so yay!
Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}
Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}

Petit Oiseau by Sew Thrifty {}Since I only had to use a strip of the stars, this shirt cost me less than $5. The original pink stripe was $7/yard and I used about 1/2 yard. The stars totaled less than $1, making this a $3.50 shirt! Can’t get much better than that.

Now, who is ready to win this pattern and so MUCH MORE?!

Sponsors-Petit Oiseau Blog tour

Now the details on sponsors and the prizes!

Note that there will be only one winner and the winner gets a total of 21 patterns.

Jennuine designs (1 pattern of choice)- Petit à Petit Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Paisley Roots (Safron dress and All spice patterns)- Jalie (1 pattern of choice)- Sofilantjes (1 pattern of choice)- Call Ajaire (1 pattern of choice)- Knot Sew Normal (1 pattern of choice)- Momma Quail Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Duck Butt Designs (1 pattern of choice)- The Wolf and the Tree (1 pattern of choice)- Laela Jeyne Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Kelly J Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Golden Rippy (1 pattern of choice)- Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees (1 pattern of choice)- FABulous Home sewn (1 pattern of choice)- Bishy Barnababes -(1 pattern of choice) Filles à Maman (3 patterns of choice).

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